Game Machine Blockchain Technology- A Solution for a Game Crowdfunding

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Bitcoin, mining, cryptocurrency these are the most popular words for the last few years. And the team which established Game Machine makes sure they created something new and original. Game Machine team has been working in the near game sphere and discovered a few problems investors face.

As everybody knows games were one of the most perspective spheres for investing. If you invested for example 10$ in 10 projects one of these games got popular and generated a lot of profit, for instance $1000 for a few years. But during the last years  the situation has changed, it’s hard to choose the projects for investing, marketing became more expensive and gaming audience’s profit became less, too.

After working a while in a cryptocurrency sphere Game Machine team understood that gamers have really powerful PCs and why not giving them an opportunity to gain money with mining? Investing own money is not needed anymore, and it is much better to get favorite items in current games just by leaving the PC for a night or two for mining.

For that, a mining Game Machine client has been created; gamers can already mine a virtual currency (actually, the most effective cryptocurrency for their configuration is chosen) and get ingame items. Developers of big titles are already able to demonetize their audience and attract resources from gamers that usually don’t give a profit.

Investors will see if gamers are interested and will be able to support only the quality products, and further playing on the developers’ tokens rates. We are planning to low the cost of advertising by implementing CPA model in gamer and developer cooperation. Here we will have a more honest exchange, when you can offer 1000 our tokens to the gamers for completing different tasks (like game installing or watching the video).

At this very moment, Game Machine is on a finish line of the presale.

For tokensale participants next advantages are offered:

An opportunity to invest into the reliable gaming projects on an early stage from 1 eth with an access to the crowdfunding platform with a detailed analytics of each project and a current gamers’ involved into Game Machine interest rating .For participants who invested more than 3 eth, we will offer the exclusive discounts on tokens, released on our platform. Those who invested more than 10 eth will get a percentage from all the tokens released on our platform.

Today is the last day of a 20% discount for the Game Machine presale.

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