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French Twitch Streamers are Breaking the Toxic, Trashy Community Norm

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:24 PM
  • Twitch Streamers usually end up in the news for causing controversy and drama.
  • French Twitch Streamers seem to be raising the moral bar for the rest of the world.
  • So far this year they’ve raised 3.5 million euros for science and are supporting the general strike going on in France right now.

Sometimes it seems like we only hear negative things about Twitch Steamers. Either they’re abusing their animals or trashing their own fans . For once it’s nice to actually be able to report something positive about them. A bunch of French streamers have been raising money for various different causes.

The most recent effort has been in support of the general massive nationwide strike effort across France . They’ve also raised money for scientific efforts, and in general, have been showing streamers in the rest of the world how to be standup human beings. |

Twitch Streamers for Science

Back in September a special charity event was held to raise funds for the Pasteur Institute . The funds will help the institute fund their research into biology and vaccines. The event, called Z Event, helped to raise €3.5 million for the cause  over a course of a single weekend.

Not only is the massive good news for the Pasteur Institute, but it proves that Twitch streamers can do great things with their platform. It doesn’t stop their either, while 55 gamers helped to raise a bunch of money for a good cause, a single streaming group is now supporting the efforts of those striking against recent pension reforms in France.

Twitch Streamers - Le Stream Reconductible Tweet
Their pledge to keep going as long as the strikes continue is pretty impressive. | Source: Twitter 

The General Strike Needs Support

Whether you agree with the strikers or not, it’s certainly a good thing to see Twitch Streamers using their success to support their fellow countrymen. The streamers in question, Le Stream Reconductible , have pledged to stream every single day that the strikes are going on.

On top of that, they’re being responsible with the money that they’re donating. Instead of sending it to any sort of organizing body, it’s going into a co-managed fund for all the strikers . The move has been incredibly popular on twitter, with many tweets expressing their solidarity with both Le Stream Reconductible and the strikers.

It really goes to show you that Twitch Streamers don’t all have to be unresolvable drama and panning for followers. If used correctly a popular stream can be a massive force for good in the world. Hopefully, it’s an idea that makes its way out of France and into the rest of the world.