Freelancing on the go on a Decentralized Marketplace


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With the rise of cryptocurrency and micro-tasks performed on the Blockchain, it’s no wonder that conventional freelancing might go obsolete. Industry leaders charge freelancers colossal transaction fees that go up to 40 percent. Newbies can’t afford them and professionals don’t want to pay them anymore. The dire need to take control of your skills has led to the birth of micro-tasks that streamline the process, making payment processing almost instant.

The freelancing industry has been thriving for nearly a decade. The problem with industry leaders is that they charge freelancers colossal transaction fees that range between 20 and 40 percent. Payment processing usually takes more than five days, not to mention that they operate through middlemen, which makes the market overpriced for the average consumer.

Due to increasing competition in all areas and domains, bidding on projects and competing with 50+ freelancers that are more experienced decreases your chances of getting hired. The good news is we live in a world of advanced technology where we cannot imagine walking out the door without a fully-charged smart device in our pockets. Together with Blockchain technology, remote work has just gotten more accessible.

Freelance work should be readily available to everyone since the digital world is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. Cryptocurrency, aka “the money of the Internet,” opens new doors to enthusiastic freelancers without a physical office but with a drive to make an extra income. As outlandish as that might sound, the average smartphone is today’s next-gen digital wallet.

The smartphone, the moneymaker in the pocket

According to Statista, there will be 2.1 bln smartphone users by 2019 at global level. That’s more than 20 percent of the world’s population. There’s a dire need for remote work because people want to make money at their own pace. Some can only spare 30 minutes per day on their way to work. Others would love to do something productive while waiting in line for coffee. The bottom line is, even the busiest waste a few minutes a day doing absolutely nothing.

Rather than wait, or fight for a conventional gig, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can fill in the gaps. Since inception, the aim was – and still is – to disrupt industries that use middlemen to charge high transaction fees. The rise of cryptocurrency has led to the birth of cashable micro-tasks on the Blockchain, tasks that are as simple as filling a survey or watching a video.

Conventional freelance work goes obsolete

With the advent of Blockchain technology, conventional freelance platforms might go obsolete. Remote work has just gotten easier, more seamless and transparent. StormX leverages smart contracts on Ethereum to manage its gamified micro-tasks on the Storm marketplace. Thus far, the company’s cashable rewards account for 214+ BTC and 340+ ETH to a broad user base that spans on 187 different countries.

There mere thought of earning cryptocurrency without having to compete with other people, disrupts conventional freelancing work, paving the way to a streamlined, accessible digital ecosystem that anyone can benefit from. The core benefit of Storm is that users can access the app and use all of its core features from any mobile device.

A decentralized marketplace for freelancers

Powered by Blockchain technology, StormX has been providing micro-tasks since 2014 through their Storm Play app, formerly known as BitMaker. Following the STORM Token Crowdsale, the platform will expand to “Storm Gigs.” Users will have the chance to become players, and complete different tasks in areas like machine learning, P2P freelancing gigs, and lots more.

The omnipresent growth of decentralized, Blockchain-based computing networks, such as ETH and BTC, paves the way to a more efficient digital ecosystem. Accessing the games, products, and services of Storm Play is free. Users are rewarded STORM Tokens upon finishing micro-tasks, which they can convert to BTC or ETH.

Together with STORM tokens, StormX abides by a simple but powerful mission: to make Blockchain technology an integrated part of the Storm Market, lowering inefficiencies and making room for everyone to earn free cryptocurrency performing micro-tasks on the go. The ultimate goal is to improve the system, make it more agile, UX-focused, and easily accessible by anyone, at any time, and from any device.  

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