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The latest Fortnite patch, v.10.10, is so awful that loyal gamers are starting to rage-quit the monstrously popular battle royale game. | Source: Epic Games

By CCN Markets: Epic Games released the first post-mech controversy Fortnite patch, dubbed v10.10, and to say players are unhappy about it is an understatement. It may be Fortnite’s most underwhelming patch to date.

Chiefly, the update fails to nerf the BRUTE mech as clamored for by the community. If anything, the patch buffs the much-beleaguered vehicles by adding a mini-map alert that allows players to know exactly where to find them if left unattended for 15 seconds – heightening the chance of them being used.

Aside from failing to fix the mech problem, the patch features several changes that players are branding as a tipping point – and there’s a brewing sense it may time to move on.

Reddit user Surfboarder4 puts it even more eloquently:

Here are three of the worst offenders igniting gamer backlash.

1. Retail Row Zombie Fail

Fortnite V10.10 Patch: 3 Non-Mech Changes We Guarantee You'll Hate
Retail Row couldn’t be more pointless. | Source: Fortnite/Epic Games

In keeping with its habit of rejigging the map’s points of interest to further its grand environmental narrative arc, Epic has turned Retail Row into a consumerist hellhole teeming with zombies.

For the casual player, this might spice up the usual Fortnite formula by giving them a chance to gun down zombies and pick up some new loot.

For competitive Fortnite, the new area is nothing short of a no-go zone. Players are unable to build there, and weapon/item drops from killing zombies are entirely randomized. As such, there’s virtually no point visiting the area and even less of a reason to land there at the start of a match.

Epic appears to have overlooked the implications of the final storm circle ending there too. Without the ability to build – a central part of the meta, not to say of Fortnite as a whole – players will have to contend with zombies as well as each other in a reasonably open setting. Without building, a determinant of skill, Fortnite turns into a very different game.

2. The Not-So-Unique Fortnite Gunner Pet

Although not strictly part of the update but done in tandem, Epic introduced a new ”Gunner Pet” cosmetic to the Item Shop. No problem there except that the smiling canine is a thinly-veiled reskin of the exclusive Season 6 Battle Pass ”Bonesy Pet.” Other than adding a logo to the dog’s scarf and a slight tinkering of the fur shading, the models are identical.

Comment from discussion .

Caught out for recycling a free Battle Pass item and adding a 1000 V-Bucks price tag, Epic has removed it from the store and apologized for the misstep. The cynicism the Fortnite developer exhibited by thinking it could dupe players may explain why the mech issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

3. Another Inadvertent BRUTE Buff

Among the patch notes, Epic clarifies that it is planning to have chest and ammo containers automatically open when destroyed. We’re talking walls, floors, etc. On the surface, this is a welcome quality of life improvement that should help players pick up loot quicker when they inadvertently destroy a building housing a chest.

But, commandeer a mech, destroy said buildings, gather loot, and the BRUTE becomes even more versatile, alongside the already over-powered material gather rates and devastating arsenal.

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