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Fortnite ‘The End’ Black Hole Apocalypse in 450 Words

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:10 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:10 PM

Yesterday, Fortnite’s Season 10 came to a dramatic close with one of the most riveting live events Epic Games’ flagship battle royale title has seen to date and set to usher in the previously leaked Chapter 2 re-branding.

Appositely titled ‘The End,’ the event kicked off at 11 am PT, and saw all of Fortnite – map, players, and all – gobbled up by a time-space cataclysm.

What Happened During Fortnite ‘The End’ Event


Season 10 protagonist The Visitor took flight in his rocket in a desperate coup to remedy Fortnite’s twisted timeline anomalies, soaring through a rift in the game’s firmament.

A slew of other projectiles took to the skies shortly afterward (presumed to be the vessels of the alternate timeline Visitors hinted at in the audio logs that made their way into the game last week) warping through the various rifts dotting the island. Shortly afterward, the rockets convened on two rifts located below and above the massive meteor suspended above Dusty Depot, darting from one to the other at increasingly breakneck speed.

The commotion caused the meteor to plummet to the ground below, absorbed in the nick of time by the low hanging rift, before disappearing entirely.

A misleading moment of reprieve followed before a new rift appeared in the sky, unleashing a laser-guided missile to Zero Point below. Shock waves tore across the map, causing players to levitate. A glowing orb swelled from the point of impact before the newly materialized meteor careened towards it.

A massive explosion followed, catapulting players into the ether only to see Fortnite’s entire map and their character models sucked into a swirling black hole in a fireworks display of kaleidoscopic color and lights. Then, there was nothing, leaving behind a faintly shimmering black hole.

It’s been like this ever since. Fortnite is down, and players can’t play matches, let alone access lobbies.

Socials Go Dark and Players Nestle In For The Long Haul

All of Fortnite’s social channels have gone dark as well with all past tweets removed from the game’s official Twitter handle  replaced with nothing more than a live stream of the black hole.

How long Fortnite will remain offline is unclear, but data miners have discovered code in the game files titled ‘end_time’ with a timestamp dated this Thursday, Oct. 7 at 4 am EST.

Fortnite 'The End' Black Hole Blackout Recap
Source: Twitter

What’s certain is that with such a long break (the downtime clock just ticked past the 17-hour mark), Epic Games is preparing the most significant change to Fortnite we’ve seen since launch in Sept. 2017.

You can join the 60,000 odd Twitch viewers waiting with bated breath for something to happen right here . While you wait, a mini shooter game can be booted up  by inputting the famed Konami code.