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Fortnite Pro Jarvis Aimbot Hacks His Way Into Lifetime Epic Ban

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:15 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:15 PM
  • Epic Games has handed a lifetime ban to Fortnite pro Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Kaye.
  • Jarvis uploaded a series of YouTube videos demonstrating the use of aimbot hacks.
  • His ban has spawned a #FreeJarvis hashtag to highlight Epic Games’ disciplinary inconsistency.

Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Kaye announced yesterday Epic Games has banned him from Fortnite for life. In an emotional YouTube video published late on Sunday, the British Fortnite personality shared the news after uploading multiple videos depicting the use of aimbot hacks in the cult-phenomenon battle royale shooter.

As he explains in the video, Fortnite has changed his life in countless ways, catapulting him to the closed circle of Fortnite’s most recognizable faces and more recently landing him a coveted ticket to the FaZe Clan.

Jarvis Banned for Using Aimbot in YouTube Series

Jarvis has since removed the offending videos, which depicted the FaZe Clan member using a type of cheat that automatically targets opponents and moves the firing crosshair accordingly. In rather prescient fashion, one of the videos shows Jarvis explicitly exclaiming he is in for a ban.

Jarvis claims he used the cheats in jest to provide comedic content for his legion of nearly 2 million subscribers rather than to gain an edge in-game. He stresses in the confessional video that he used the cheats and made the videos using an alternative account in solo matchmaking away from competitive Fortnite.

He says;

All I was thinking about whilst I was making those videos was just how entertaining and interesting these videos would be for you guys to watch. It didn’t even cross my mind to think that I could be banned for life on Fortnite from those videos.

The video was accompanied by the following tweet, where Jarvis takes full responsibility for his misstep.

Fortnite Pro Jarvis Aimbot Hacks His Way Into Lifetime Epic Ban
Source: Twitter 

Mixed Response, #FreeJarvis, and Epic Games’ Double Standards

The mixed response to Jarvis’ ban paints a picture of a divided community. On one side, we have the #FreeJarvis hashtag  spearheaded by a since-deleted tweet from FaZe Tenser.

On the other, onlookers decrying the hypocrisy of the #FreeJarvis tag. Epic justifiably banned the player for flagrant cheating, regardless of his self-avowed intent of creating fun content for his audience. Or so goes their argument.

Fortnite Pro Jarvis Aimbot Hacks His Way Into Lifetime Epic Ban
Source: Twitter 

Whether Epic Games upholds the lifetime sentence is on the rocks. During the Fortnite World Cup this summer, while a handful of teenagers became overnight millionaires, Damion ‘XXiF’ Cook received a comparatively light ban of 14 days  after getting caught colluding with other players to advance in the tournament.

This perceived disciplinary inconsistency is at the center of the #FreeJarvis hashtag with many decrying Epic Games’ double standards.