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Fortnite Patch v10.30: Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:00 PM

The latest Fortnite patch is here, v10.30 , and although not the most thrilling update from Epic Games by any stretch of the imagination, it contains a few nuggets to inject a semblance of freshness to those battle royale high jinks.

Here are five things you need to know about v10.30.

1. Paradise Palms and Greasy Grove Get a Makeover

Fortnite’s unpredictable Rift Zones are back at it again and have transformed two points of interest.

Paradise Palms is now Moisty Palms with verdant cypress swamps dotted between the houses. Crouching in Moisty Palms will turn player models into a randomly generated prop from the Fortnite universe. Note, players are still susceptible to damage while concealed.

Secondly, Greasy Grove is back, but this time tacos replace the iconic Durrr Burger establishment. Intermittent taco showers hail down from the skies prompting player models to dance inexplicably out of sheer joy, or is it hunger? Dancing does have its benefit though, as it regenerates 20 HP per second while busting moves.

2. Small Tweaks to Fortnite’s Despised BRUTE Mech

Although Epic disabled the BRUTE mech temporarily, it’s still in Fortnite despite the community demanding its removal or at least a sweeping nerf.

The mech does get a few tweaks, though. The stomp attack now damages other vehicles more consistently rather than the previous random double or triple damage, and mechs are now catapulted away should they come into contact with the Floating Island.

3. Knock Town Limited Time Mode

Fortnite patch v10.30 brings in the Knock Town LTM, a solo mode that promises some amusing acrobatic mid-air antics. Armed with a grappler and a Flint-Knock Pistol, players battle it out in one-shot aerial combat.

The mode landed a top-three spot in Fortnite’s LTM Creator Contest earlier this year, so it should be a decent way to wind down from the exertions of battle royale.

4. Item Shop Voting

Epic Games' Fortnite Patch V10.30: Everything You Need to Know
Gamers can now vote on which items should return to the Item Shop. | Source: Fortnite/Epic Games

Epic is launching a new feature called Community Choice  that allows the Fortnite community to vote for items they want to see return to the Item Shop. The first vote kicks off later this week.

From what we understand, players get one vote per day, and Epic tallies the results at the end of a weekly countdown. The winning item then hits the Shop for a limited time. Neat if you missed out on limited time skins the first time around.

5. Fortnite Fact Fix

Fortnite patch v10.30 brings a small typographical amendment to the game’s UI. Instead of saying a player is destined for the Jurassic Period when downed by a Junk Rift Triceratops, the elimination feed will now state the Cretaceous period in line with paleontological findings.

As Epic Games says:

“We apologize for this Tyrannosaurus Wreck of an oversight.”

Read the full release notes for Fortnite’s v10.30 update here .