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Fledgling digital currency $PAC attracts top Silicon Valley talent as they soar to top 275 as shown on CoinMarketCap.

London, UK– June 19th 2018, $PAC announced recently that Joel Lunenfeld, previously Vice President of Global Brand Strategy at Twitter is the first of the most recent appointments on the advisory board for the project. Also joining the team is Chris Gomersall, former Creative Strategy lead for Facebook. This once fledgling project which, no less than 7 months ago was ranked at the very bottom of CoinMarketCap’s list of digital assets, soars to a top 260 ranking amidst the most recent news against the downtrend in the global market.

Joel Lunenfeld

Aside from his years of experience in building the advertising business and consumer global brand strategy for Twitter, Mr. Lunenfeld was also the CEO at Moxie, a top digital agency. Currently, he is occupied as an advisor to a handful or early to late stage startups as well as the co-founder of The Guardian Project, a non-profit martial arts academy and community center, focused on changing the lives of at-risk youth through training, education, and mentorship. Joel has amazing potential to contribute on a high level to the $PAC operations team, leveraging his years of experience to form new partnerships, foster adoption for the currency and improve its social outreach.

Joel Lunenfeld was recently quoted as saying, “The power of PAC is the community-driven purpose. A network effect can drive governance, ideation, and co-creation from our community. We are excited to see the many uses and applications of $PAC our users create.” Developing a social media platform (PAClyfe, one of the main roadmap objectives for $PAC) is quite a comprehensive operation. Platforms such as Discord and Facebook, who have existed for at least a decade could prove hard to compete against and catch up with. In this light, individuals such as Joel Lunenfeld and Chris Gomersall who have years of first-hand experience in the field will prove to be of great value to $PAC.

Chris Gomersall

Chris Gomersall, Ex Creative Strategy Lead at Facebook and Instagram, and former marketing agency executive, provides the necessary experience to bring products to market and to problem solve the issue of mainstream adoption faced by many cryptocurrencies in the space. Chris is also the founder and CEO of ATOMIZED, which focuses on building software solutions to solve marketing and advertising pain points for a vast array of corporate clients. ATOMIZED is a marketing technology suited for brands and agencies which could make for a very promising future partnership with $PAC since they accept crypto as a means of denomination, their outreach into the digital sphere would spearhead $PAC as a premium medium of exchange within the digital space amongst the heavy hitters of the digital world.

$PAC’s value proposition is strengthening every day, $PAC is quickly overtaking other projects in the space that have been around for far longer and this bodes well for future adoption. $PAC is uniquely positioned to become ‘the penny to Dash’s dollar’ not only as a convenient medium of exchange, but with a charitable and humanitarian focus shown by their involvement with numerous non-profit organizations over the last few months. It’s clear that from the most recent appointments and the potential partnerships and connections available. This project is certainly gearing up for a significant move within the cryptocurrency space.

To learn more about the $PACcoin or to read their Whitepaper, visit their official website at

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