FLUX Introduces DAO System

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The FLUX master nodes system is created to make FLUX crowdfunding system fully decentralized and trustworthy. This is the best way to give any contributor an opportunity to have a vote in the crowdfunded games selection and receive handling fees for transactions and operations. To get a FLUX master node, there has to be 5 000 FLUX in the contributor’s wallet. We are willing to give everyone an opportunity to get a master node, hence the team decided to implement a limitation system for Whitelist contributors as their number is overwhelming!

Please find below the conditions for participation and how to apply for a masternode.

Apply before the contribution period starts to receive your chance and stay ahead.

On April 17, the first day of the Contribution period, whitelist members can contribute with a 30% bonus. Individual cap 10 ETH.

On April 18 – whitelist members receive a 15% bonus. No individual cap.

On April 19-20 – 10% bonus. No individual cap.

April 21 — 5% bonus

April 22-May 31 – 0% bonus

The FLUX master nodes system allows any node holder to become an important part of the FLUX gaming ecosystem; and be able to participate in crowdfunding for game ideas, vote for projects and receive handling fees for operational work that master nodes are processing. The more crowdfunding projects the node holders support, the greater the fee they receive. The node holders are always interested in the quality and the number of projects that they have supported, which allows the crowdfunding platform to evolve and get bigger. The paid matchmaking of competitive games will become the most prioritized because it will involve transactions most often, hence, node holders will get the highest fee from the technical support of these activities in the ecosystem.

How the system works

1) A game developer submits a project (game) to the FLUX crowdfunding platform, in which he indicates the necessary amount of funds to develop the project, payment periods, and variations of project development depending on the amount of funds collected.

2) FLUX validates the application (excludes applications with adult content, checks the payment order, etc), and creates a standardized smart contract with a unique address. The payment logic is defined in the smart contract: the maximum number of tokens that can be sent to the contract, and the terms of the following voting rounds.

3) The project is ready to receive votes. Votes are important, as they decide which project gets financing. The project that receives the highest number of votes in a certain period will be chosen. The funds will be unlocked according to the project roadmap.

5) After the project has fulfilled (or failed to fulfill) the first stage of crowdfunding, node holders vote to extend the funding. If 50% + of the holders vote for continuation of project support, the next tranche is unlocked (via smart contract). If not, all funds in the smart contract are distributed among the holders in proportion to the amount of their contribution to the project.

6) A smart contract is generated for each game launched via the crowdfunding platform. The contract then sends a portion of the handle fee from the paid matchmaking to the nodeholders who participated in the funding of the game.

About FLUX

FLUX – the unique decentralized gaming platform, uniting all stakeholders of the gaming industry.

Therefore, gamers, vendors, the community, investors and item traders will be able to transform their time spend with games, into a profit, by streamlining the complete gaming industry value chain and giving the power back to those who create the value. FLUX provides all needed elements to initiate a horizontal disruption. We bring the relationship between the participants into a correct digital process, make it transparent, automated, impossible to manipulate, and furthermore beneficial to all,

FLUX is a full-fledged ecosystem, a reliable base and instruments to leverage the existing values the right way. FLUX will have a real token economy, where the value of the platform is driven by transparent multi cross interactions and not a bilateral "trade".

FLUX rewards players for matchmaking competitions and provides the possibility to trade game items on the marketplace. The community will get incentives for sharing, liking, writing or streaming content. Professional streamers and related service providers will likewise have the possibility to monetize and interact.

Besides, FLUX provides a developer market, which is directly aligned within the platform and its participants and even crowdfunding to support the very best game ideas is thought off. Last but not least; FLUX provides the first of its kind possibility to bring even offline tournaments closer to the world of gaming.

Leading professionals are among the partners of the project. Our partners are: Infopulse, Remme, MoxyOne, Axon Partners, Ambisafe, Provectus.

The project has already reached the softcap of $2.3 million. The team has managed to release the Alpha Desktop build before the Token Sale. FLUX invites everyone to test the Alpha build that includes Bang! game and one of the most important feature of platform – matchmaking system.

The project offers a 30% bonus to everyone registered in the whitelist, check here: https://ico.flux.fund/user/register/


Tokensale Website - https://flux.fund/

Game Website - https://flux.games/home

Telegram Official Community - https://t.me/FLUXofficial

Company Website: https://impulse-lab.com

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