CoinffeineSpanish Bitcoin startup Coinffeine has presented the Trial version of their innovative P2P application in Madrid (Spain). The open-source software allows you to buy and sell bitcoins anonymously and safely without depending on a central entity.

Founded in 2014 by four Spanish computer engineers, Coinffeine is developing an innovative decentralized, anonymous, secure and trustless Bitcoin exchange. The founders describe Coinffeine as “BitTorrent for Bitcoin,” an open source, Peer to Peer Bitcoin exchange platform. Coinffeine is the first decentralized marketplace for Bitcoin, and due to the P2P structure of the application, it could allow banks and financial institutions to offer services with crypto currency with all legal guarantees.

A Perfect Framework for Banks and Future Finance

Alberto Gómez, CEO of Coinffeine, said:

“This event is not a here it is, but a hello world, soon our protocol will be ready. [We are] sure that the software supposes a before and an after in the international Bitcoin ecosystem. Coinffeine is a technology that serves as a perfect framework where banks can meet the future world of finance brought on by the crypto currencies.”

Spanish bank Bankinter recently invested in Coinffeine and said that they will be a friendly early-adopter customer that will help the startup to develop.. With this investment of its Innovation Foundation, Bankinter became one of the first world’s banks to invest in Bitcoin.

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The public demonstration of the trial software featured the purchase of 0.5 BTC. Co-founder Sebastián Ortega closed the event with an explanation of the theoretical foundations of the Coinffeine’s Protocol in game theory.

An exclusive group of attendees will be the first to install the Trial version of the application and participate in the private testing, which will be tested for several weeks before the launch of the public Beta version in early 2015.

Images from Coinffeine and Shutterstock.