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FinTech Robo Advisor Aimed at Women in Asia

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:53 PM
Rebecca Campbell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:53 PM

The Asian FinTech market is taking off, but when it comes to women maintaining their finances the financial jargon involved is typically aimed at those who are already familiar with the world of finance.

That’s according to Gina Heng, who has launched a FinTech platform aimed at helping women to manage their finances, reports Enterprise Innovation, a strategic technology website that aids decision makers in enterprises across Asia.

Named Miss Kaya, the platform has been designed as the first women-focused financial platform in Asia.

Heng states that at present there is no platform available to women who want to manage their finances.

This makes it daunting for the modern woman to feel confident with their personal finances or feel eager to invest.

However, with the use of a FinTech Robo advisor it will guide women through budgeting tools and an e-wallet which is linked with a Miss Kaya debit card. It is hoped that this will make the process seamless, helping women to maintain their finances.

Through the Miss Kaya platform, it will develop a unique portfolio for each customer based on the customer’s goals, risk and profile information. It will then provide a timeline with suggested recurring contributions, which the customer can easily modify.

Heng added:

Miss Kaya not only wants to help women in making successful decisions in investing, but also achieve confidence in managing their own finances and ultimately reaching their life goals.

Women in Bitcoin

Even though the world of finance is still, to a great extent, dominated by men, there are countless women in high-profile positions helping to close the gender gap within the industry. This can be seen in the blockchain and bitcoin sector.

You only have to look at the likes of Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO of BitPesa, Blythe Masters, CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, Susanne Tempelhof, CEO and founder of BitNation, and Stephanie Kent, founder of Krypton, to name but a few, to see that positive changes are being made to bridge the gender imbalance in bitcoin.

However, a survey from the Bitcoin Marketing Team last year, which found that the digital currency is still largely dominated by men in their early 20s to their late 40s, illustrates that more needs to be done to boost female numbers. From the results, they found that 91.8 percent of 770 digital currency respondents were male.

And yet, with the launch of the Miss Kaya robo advisor designed to target female finance customers this could help with the transition into bitcoin.

If more women become confident with how they handle their finances it could ultimately give them the confidence to delve into bitcoin by exploring the possibilities it provides as they begin to learn about the digital currency.

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