FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Trailer Reveals EA’s Newest Money-Grab

EA releases a new trailer for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, confirming some of the new ways it plans to make money from the game.


Customizable stadiums are now a thing - so its obviously time to send EA more money. | Source: FIFA21/EA

  • EA releases a new trailer for FIFA 21’s FIFA Ultimate Team, the online game mode famous for its microtransactions.
  • The mode will make several key changes that fans have asked for, such as the removal of ‘toxic’ celebrations.
  • The changes mask other new updates to the mode which will help EA make more money than before from its loot box-style FUT card packs.

In a short trailer released this week, EA confirmed some of the new features coming to FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 21.

The mode features loot box-style card packs and is far more lucrative for EA than the games, making it a hugely important part of the publisher’s business.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Gameplay and Details Revealed

This year, one of the big new features in FUT is the new co-op mode. In Division Rivals, players can compete against each other in solos or duos, progressing through the ranks and completing co-op objectives to unlock rewards.

FUT Community Events, which let all players work together to unlock rewards, and FIFA 21’s four-player Volta Squad modes could make for some solid co-op fun.

Video: EA Reveals New Ultimate Team Gameplay

Another major change is the decision to remove fitness items from FUT, meaning that players will no longer feel punished for playing matches that degrade a player’s fitness level. FUT card packs will no longer be stuffed full of shiny gold squad fitness boosts and just like in the real game, player fitness is only affected by how they play in that match.

EA will also be removing “toxic” goal celebrations from FUT in FIFA 21. Celebrations such as the “shushing” celebration will be taken out, making goals scored against a player sting a little less. Goal celebrations will be shorter too, meaning players will be able to get back into the action and spend less time frowning about the scoreline.

These changes are some of what fans have been asking for. While FIFA 21, like NBA 2K21 and all other annualized sports games, are criticized for being the same each year, these aren’t small changes.

| Source: Twitter

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Stadium Customization is EA’s New Money-Maker

This doesn’t mean that EA cares less about wringing players dry though and FUT stadium customization, another new feature this year, sees the series take two steps back. Shown in the trailer, players will be able to decorate their stadia with banners, trophies, and pyrotechnics – all of which sound more annoying than those removed celebrations.

Try these stadium banners for size. | Source: FIFA21/EADetails haven’t been confirmed but the card-shaped options in the trailer suggest that stadium customization options will be found in card packs.

Source: Twitter

EA may be giving fans some of what they want with FIFA 21 Ultimate Team but it’s possible that it has also given players something new to complain about.

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