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FIFA 21 Official Reveal Trailer is Even Worse Than I Expected

EA's FIFA 21 official reveal trailer is more of the same PR-vetted hackneyed drivel we've come to expect from the annual franchise.

  • EA has released the official reveal trailer for the upcoming FIFA 21.
  • Dominating the trailer is phone-captured footage of soccer stars interspersed with fleeting glimpses of gameplay.
  • The trailer tells us next to nothing about the very product it is promoting.

Today, publisher EA dropped the first official reveal trailer for the latest iteration of its annual franchise, FIFA 21, and, unsurprisingly, it’s more of the same PR-vetted hackneyed drivel we’ve come to expect.

It’s all lockdown phone-captured videos of the beautiful games’ biggest and brightest stars, archive footage harking back to simpler days, and impromptu games of kick-up under the Eiffel Tower’s shadow.

Is PSG-star Kylian Mbappé organically zoom-ing up for a spot of FIFA with his fellow overpaid ball kickers? Doubtful. EA’s marketing bucks coaxing bored players to pretend they are having fun seems more on the money.

It’s trite, overused imagery that tries so desperately to tap into the pulse of the more youthful contingent of soccer and video games fans, but comes off as forced.

Next To No FIFA 21 Gameplay

Interspersed are fleeting glimpses of the actual game. Fleeting may be selling it a bit too much. Other than stylized CGI snippets of free kicks and celebrations, there are all of two seconds of player perspective gameplay that almost immediately transitions into yet another cinematic shot.

That brief moment of the game in-action uncannily resembles FIFA 20; the only noticeable difference seemingly the substitution of a 0 for a 1 in the game’s title.

This sums up the gameplay in EA’s official FIFA 21 reveal trailer. | Source: EA/YouTube

By this point, we have to wonder who EA is trying to fool. The trailer tells us next to nothing about the very product it is promoting.

Yes, EA loves a good drip-fed hype build-up, but you have to wonder if the publishing powerhouse genuinely has more to show that will tempt tired franchise-fans into dropping yet another $60 for what is essentially the same game with a roster update and surface reskin.

The trailer comes accompanied with a newly-minted features page on the official FIFA 21 website. All-new dynamic attacking systems, revamped growth system, unrivaled authenticity, cash cow Ultimate Team – it reads like last year’s pre-release marketing blather.

You’d have to pay me to play FIFA 21 based on what we’ve seen today.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:08 PM

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