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As Ferguson Burns, their “Bitcoin Library” Remains

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM
Evander Smart
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:41 PM

bitcoin libraryThe mainstream and alternative media have invested thousands of man-hours into chronicling the violence, civil rights violations, and general chaos that has become Ferguson, MO. And the issues there have led to many protests nationwide as people look for justice. Alas, we may never find true justice and harmony, and many businesses burning in Ferguson may never recover, or return.

There is one thing that may come out of this that springs eternal hope for the future of Ferguson. A beacon of light, not generated by a Molotov cocktail, but by a vision of hope for a better future.

Ferguson Maintains a Resilient “Bitcoin Library”

The local Ferguson, Missouri library, the Ferguson Municipal Public Library, on 35 N Florissant Rd in Ferguson, is accepting Bitcoin  after this tragic turn of events. It is a shelter to residents in fear of terror, or in need of a safe haven. Twitter followers suggested the library turn to Bitcoin to receive funds during their crisis. With the help of BitPay, who had them set up within hours, they can now take donations quickly, without losing money to processing fees and miscellaneous deductions common to donations.



Director Scott Bonner is the one-man staff at the Ferguson Municipal Public Library, and he agonized over the decision to stay open under these circumstances.

“I spent all night agonizing about whether or not to open today,” Bonner told NBC News.

Considering the fact that the Bitcoin community is one of the most charitable and giving sectors of cyberspace, I hope you will join me in giving the Bitcoin you can towards their worthy cause to unite the Ferguson community under these trying times. Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated as resources are sure to be stretched in this area for many days to come. Let’s help bring peace of mind to those in Ferguson affected by these events, and give directly to those in need. Thank you in advance. Feel free to use this BitPay link to donate Bitcoins. 

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