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May 26, 2014 14:09 UTC

Aimy in a Cage is a feature film that is entirely funded by Bitcoin. Hooroo Jackson, the man who wrote the original book and the script, is directing and producing this film and was an early adopter of Bitcoin. In this r/Bitcoin post, he lightly explains his adventures in production.

Hooroo Jackson, the man behind the whole story.

“I dreamed of making this movie everyday for the last fifteen years, and never thought it would happen. So in January I made the difficult decision to takes steps cashing out my coins and assembling my production team (narrowly avoided losing everything in Mt. Gox).”

This certainly piqued my interests as a film student and when I saw the first pictures from the production, I knew I had to interview him.

This stunning image is from their imgur album.
Allisyn Ashley Arm as Aimy Micry
The wonderful Terry Moore as Grandma Micry

Aimy in a Cage is a fantastic story that is based on the critically acclaimed book illustrated here at Hooroo Jackson’s website. Hooroo himself explained the story to me:

“It revolves around a teenage girl with a free and artistic spirit, and her family that tries to repress her desire to be herself. The first half of the film explores this wicked family who slowly takes all Aimy’s freedoms away. The more they push her, the more she pushes back, until she is left with nothing, locked into an empty room and declared crazy.

The film takes a turn into an apocalyptic thriller, when all characters are forced into quarantine in the apartment due to a virus outbreak… [T]his is when we see how ruthless and apathetic authority [is], as officers keep breaking in and making the family’s life hell with arbitrary rules and abuse of power. The veil of civility [that] the family has been fighting for, torturing Aimy to adhere to, is exposed as a total facade as society breaks down.”

A riveting tale, no doubt. With such a bizarre fantasy, the man behind the idea must be just as interesting, if not more so and if you’re willing to invest in Bitcoin and make a zany film, you’re the best kind of crazy in my book.

“It takes an extreme stubbornness to invest [in Bitcoin] when everyone tells you it’s a moronic move, and it is the exact same with attitudes and skepticism I faces when I wanted to make the movie… I had a total dedication to [Bitcoin] though; for two years, I had no other job than to study the news and markets. I always had the charts up, or would be the first to act on major movements. I would wake up in the middle of the night twice a night, and learn about every possible opportunity.”

Another great part of this film is the cast:

  • Aimy Micry is played by Disney star (no, not Brock Pierce) Allisyn Ashley Arm who has been a part of Disney shows So Random! and Sonny with a Chance.
  • Crispin Glover, who has been a part of Tim Burton films, is also a part of the cast, playing the role of Claude Bohringer, the young lover and gold digger of Grandma Micry.
  • Academy Award nominated Terry Moore joins the ensemble as the Grandma Micry. This antagonist looks absolutely cynical.
  • Paz De La Huerta, the actress from Boardwalk Empire, joins the case as Caroline.

I asked what it was like to work with such a great cast like this:

“I just really valued discovering my actors interpretation of the scene and seeing what ideas and experience they bring to their character. Generally it is a huge benefit to allow  your collaborators bring their own ideas to the mix, because they feel a personal stake in it and you get ideas you otherwise wouldn’t have. As director then, you are the filter. I had this constant worry that I might be missing some undiscovered gem that the script was blocking. my solution was, we would do one or two gonzo takes where actors could do whatever they wanted, however they wanted. Most of the time, those were the takes I ended up using in the movie. “

Hooroo gave me an example of the directing experience:

“Crispin Glover, I gave him free rein to do whatever he wanted. So he showed up in gold grills and a pimp outfit. It was jarring at first but I respected his experience enough to allow him that freedom. Every single scene he had, was full of surprises. I think it will go down as one of his most memorable roles.”

Crispin Glover

According to IMDb, this film is set to release on September 6 of this year. Hooroo and the team hopes to enter the film into the Sundance Film Festival, one of the biggest and selective in the world. As of right now, however, they still have to deal with post-production.

For more incredible behind the scenes shots, click here.

You can connect with the film on Facebook.

Here is some BTS footage:

In the end, this film may be a beautiful illustration of the spirit of Bitcoin as well.

“The film is very anti-authoritarian – as bitcoin itself. It is a lot like Tim Burton/Terry Gilliam films, about outsiders who are at odds against the rest of the world who do not understand them.”

Photos by Natalie Shmuel, Courtesy of Ankaboot Productions

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