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FBI Demands Details on This Cocaine Dealer’s PlayStation Library

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:19 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:19 PM
  • Drug dealer allegedly used PlayStation 4’s communication features to arrange deals.
  • FBI made a request for information to Sony inquiring about games played and even game progress.
  • It’s unclear whether Sony responded or not.

Amid a case involving the supply and sale of cocaine in Kansas City, Missouri, an FBI agent contacted Sony last month to find out what this brazen PlayStation player-come drug peddler has been playing.

An application for a search warrant dated Oct. 22  that has appeared online courtesy of Vice Motherboard  lays bare the nature of the request.

Drug Dealer Allegedly Uses PlayStation 4 To Arrange Deals

The FBI suspects that alleged drug dealer Curtis Alexander, known online as Speedola20, was using the PlayStation 4 messaging feature to arrange cocaine deals amounting to £34,000 per kilogram. The FBI says Alexander felt convinced of the ‘secure’ communication offered by the service.

An informant made the FBI aware of Alexander’s antics, supplying screenshots of messages between the two surrounding the purchase of cocaine as well as the use of code such as ‘bug’ referring to nine ounces of cocaine.

FBI Wants to Know What This Cocaine Dealer Is Playing On PlayStation
Source: Joseph Cox/Vice Motherboard 

From there, the FBI and informant arranged ‘a controlled drug transaction’ with Alexander. This led to a face to face meeting. The sum of $4,400 was exchanged for approximately 100 grams of a white substance. The FBI later identified it as cocaine and ‘the corner of a kilogram brick.’

The PlayStation is the most popular console brand, ever. | Source: Shutterstock.com

During the exchange, Alexander arranged a further in-game private conversation via PlayStation 4 with the informant. The informant later reported to the FBI the contents of the conversation. Alexander was reportedly ‘pooling his money with unknown individuals to go see his cocaine source of supply to make a significant purchase of cocaine.’

The informant provided the following transcript of a the conversation conducted over the PlayStation messaging feature. CHS stand for Confidential Human Source;

CHS: You by the game, yo ass talk about me.
Alexander: ***** i been on the game u the 1 ain’t been on.
CHS: Man i need to link with u.
Alexander: U ain’t got a phone yet I go 1 just been waiting on you to Activate it it it’s just for you to call.
CHS: Ok bet one tomorrow I told you the boat been kicking my ass but I can get one tomorrow what that new number And I need a better ticket bro.
Alexander: You get a phone and we will talk.

FBI Wants To Know What He’s Been Playing

The request for information then goes on to detail what data Sony gathers from users. This includes;

Network connected software data, such as application utilization, game play, game or system video and audio, progress, utilization, performance, peripheral and device use, services requested and used, or content downloaded and viewed.

An attachment then details the information to be disclosed by Sony. We presume it was subsequently used to construct a case against Alexander. Notably thanks to in-game communication regarding drug deals with the informant.

FBI Wants to Know What This Cocaine Dealer Is Playing On PlayStation
Source: Joseph Cox/Vice Motherboard

An attachment to the request explicitly requests;

The types of service utilized, games played, and content consumed.

As of writing, it’s unclear whether Sony responded to the request. Either way, it’s not exactly ideal timing as Sony celebrates PlayStation’s 25th anniversary.