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FaZe Dubs’ Career Shouldn’t Be Over Despite Fortnite Stream Racial Slur

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • FaZe Dubs is a young streamer who is a member of FaZe Clan’s Fortnite team.
  • He recently got caught on a stream saying the N-word, apparently thinking it wasn’t being streamed.
  • While he does deserve to be punished for what he did, he doesn’t deserve to have his career ended over it.

FaZe Dubs is one of the younger members of FaZe Clan. The esports group has a lot of members these days, pushing on nearly 60 members on their roster. Obviously, with that many people, things are bound to go wrong occasionally.

A little while ago it was FaZe Jarvis being banned for cheating. Now it’s FaZe Dubs’ turn to do something stupid. He was caught on stream, saying the N-word . Apparently thinking that he was in a private game.

Despite immediately negative reactions, and being suspended by FaZe Clan, I don’t believe his career needs to end here.

FaZe Dubs - FaZe Clan Suspension
Exactly what this ‘sensitivity training’ actually is or how effective it’ll be are yet to be seen. Either way, an indefinite suspension seems like it’s the way to go for now. | Source: Twitter 

FaZe Dubs’ Is Young and Stupid, Both of Which Can Change

There’s a lot to unpack in this situation surrounding FaZe Dubs. First of all, what he said wasn’t okay. There have been some people defending him saying that it doesn’t matter what he said. As far as I’m concerned that’s just plain wrong.

When someone is in an influential position, more than ever they need to be careful with what they say. With a big audience, especially a young one, you have a responsibility to influence them for the positive. Saying the N-word is not the way to do that.

Having said that, I don’t think this needs to be career-ending. FaZe Dubs has been suspended from FaZe Clan until he proves he’s learnt a lesson here. If he does learn a lesson, then I think he should be bought back onto the team.

Source: Twitter 

Cancel Culture Doesn’t Need to Claim Another Victim Here

At the age of 15, you make stupid mistakes easily. FaZe Dubs has clearly shown that to be true. What he said was wrong, but it’s very clear that he knows that. After the incident tweeted an apology for what he had done.

Not only that, but he is being punished. His suspension is ‘indefinite’, which probably means it’ll be for a fair while. Others clearly agree that this is fair, and doesn’t need to end his career. A Twitter user called KHARRII posted a video, saying FaZe Dubs should be able to come back from this. 

All-in-all, mistakes have very clearly been made. No accidents, but mistakes. If FaZe Dubs can learn from this and move forward, he should be able to retain his career.  Now if he ever says it again, then he deserves to be cancelled.

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