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Far Left Twitter Sends a Terrible Message by Shaming Killer Mike

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Rapper & activist Killer Mike recently had a meeting with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.
  • He discussed various topics with the Republican, including small businesses in the pandemic and child trafficking.
  • Liberal Twitter blasted Killer Mike for meeting with Kemp, which will turn off even more reasonable people.

The Far Left is becoming unbearable. Seriously, how are you going to shame Killer Mike for advocating for his community?

They blame people like Susan Sarandon for not backing Joe Biden, but nothing is going to cost Democrats more votes than the obnoxious, unreasonable demands of this overly-idealistic bunch.

Progress is good. But there is such a thing as timing. If you progress too far, too fast, you’re going to find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere, screaming at the void.

Killer Mike Did WHAT?!

Liberals are up in arms on Twitter today because Killer Mike met up with the Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp.


Matt Kemp
Killer Mike commits the ultimate crime: communication. | Source: Twitter 

It’s not clear if the Twitter Brigade is outraged that Killer Mike talked to a Republican, or if they’re jealous because he can carry on a real conversation with a real person while looking them in the eye.

But they were really on one today:

Killer Mike
I’m sure this person who wants to ‘abolish,’ not ‘defund,’ or ‘reform’ the police is completely reasonable. | Source: Twitter 
Killer Mike
The President of the United States was a celebrity. They’ve clearly become more influential than politicians. | Source: Twitter 

To be clear, Brian Kemp is not a great guy. But that doesn’t mean Killer Mike is ‘championing’ for the ‘man’ because he’s open to talking with him.

The consensus from the Far Left seems to be that Killer Mike is a terrible leader, and he does not respect the Black community and that he’s, well, dumb.

Just take a look at how ‘uneducated’ and ‘against the Black agenda’ he appears to be in this speech from last year:


We Will Need to Have Conversations

What the Far Left never seems ready to accept is that the most progressive thing that could happen at this point is a conversation. We can continue to shame and crucify everyone who doesn’t fall in line, but for every person that converts, it probably radicalizes two others in the opposite direction.

That’s why trying to cancel people like Joe Rogan for having a dialogue with ‘the other side’ is so toxic. It’s like some people don’t want to find common ground.

Killer Mike
The man has a point. | Source: Twitter 

People like Killer Mike are putting party biases behind them and trying to have a conversation with someone in power. Will it work? Who knows. But it’s worth a shot.

At some point, we’re going to have to communicate if we don’t want to devolve into some modern version of a civil war.

Apparently, some people would prefer it that way.

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