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Faceter Introduces Intelligent Video Surveillance for Smart Secure Cities

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If you want to commit a crime, do it in London. The bustling metropolis has over 400,000 security surveillance cameras focused on citizens as they go about their daily lives. That’s 10 times more cameras than New York has installed. Yet even with the heavy surveillance, you are six times more likely to be robbed in London today than in New York.

It is fair to say that the current video security technology is dumb and partially blind. The ubiquitous CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera is an analog device that sends closed, low quality signals to a display monitoring device. Images are often fuzzy, faces hard to discern, and video loss common. Little if any intelligence is gathered from the data streams, which are stored for later retrieval of the captured information. Studies have shown CCTV cameras produce a statistically significant, but small, reduction in crime, and mostly help capture thieves.

Intelligent Decentralized Video Surveillance

Location, location, location…is only part of the video security challenge. The next generation of smarter video surveillance is designed to not only receive but also decode, analyze and act on image data. “Advanced intelligent AI-based software combined with digital cameras, connected to the internet, provides video surveillance with eyes to detect faces, identify objects, and conduct real-time video analysis,” says Rob Pothier CEO of Faceter.

The Faceter system uses deep convolutional neural networks (CNN) to perform more advanced face detection analysis, while requiring less pre-processing, and thus power, than other methods. The deep learning tool for visual imagery can perform advanced functions such as feature extraction, pattern recognition, and classification, with any camera connected to the internet. Users can easily feed the video stream to Faceter by providing the IP-address of the camera.

The next evolution, says Pothier, is the ability to understand the situation and react to it. Actionable data, for example, can be created by powerful face detection technology that can compare facial and other features across millions of images in real time, and store the data clusters. A known burglar knocking on your door, or a swarm of terrorists surveying a major tourist attraction could be immediately identified and law enforcement notified in real time. Retailers can obtain valuable demographic information on store customers, including real time data analysis of the shopping patterns of the business-attired lunch crowd, or the morning flow of housewives and children.

Transform Your Dull Camera Into a Smart Device

Surveillance video is becoming a part of our daily lives. We use video to monitor many things: home security, the nanny with our children, Amazon package drop offs, a fire in our home and, with a camera equipped car, the activity around our car and on the road. But the advanced technology is too costly for most consumers.Blockchain technology is making it possible to bring more powerful features to small businesses and consumers. Advanced video surveillance technology relies on expensive cloud computing from Amazon, Microsoft and other cloud hosts to provide the GPU power needed to operate live cameras 24 hours a day.

Faceter is cleverly putting cryptocurrency mining resources to work to provide the GPU power to operate advanced video surveillance systems at a fraction of the cost of cloud-hosted services. Miners, who are seeing their crypto margins eroding, are expecting to double their profits in this new enterprise.

The concept uses fog computing to connect cameras to video hubs. Behind each hub is a group of miners providing the GPU power. The mining operations are compared and rewarded over a tamper-proof smart contract. The proof-of-recognition system will disconnect miners with incorrect hash calculations. To ensure privacy, images are irreversibly distorted before entering the mining nodes. Faceter will operate on its own blockchain to improve speed and reduce costs.

Do Faceter Video Security Cameras Know Where You Are?

If not, consider subscribing to Faceter’s smart video security network. Like business users today, consumer subscribers will soon be able to connect their cameras to the Faceter system by buying a subscription by fiat or credit/debit card, which is then converted to the Faceter tokens (FACE) used to reward the miners.

The smart detection, analytical and comparative functions have broad uses in the future. Soon, Faceter will be able to track a person who has only been partially identified in an effort to discern more features beyond height, weight and body type. Also detectable are noises, motions, objects, sex, age, race, emotions, and sound recognition.

The $10 million pre-sale for the Faceter FACE token sold out in 20 seconds. Faceter is running its token sale from February 15th to  March 30th. Three hundred million FACE tokens are for sale at a rate of 1,000 FACE=0.0872 ETH. But today less than 30% of tokens left and they are in high demand. Don’t wait, buy them now. The funds from the crowdfunding will support the development of the mass market version of the system.


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