Facebook Tipping Developer Talks Dogecoin, Quarkcoin and Reddcoin

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June 24, 2014 7:47 AM UTC

Recently, Facebook made headlines when they approved the Multicoin Tipping App and The Doge Tipping App. This was the first time Facebook had made any positive movement in favor of digital currency.
I was able to talk with Alejandro Calballero, developer of the tipping apps, about how things are going, how things look and what’s in store for the future of Facebook tipping.

Now that the tipping apps are fully-operational with Facebook approval, how has the response been from the Facebook community?

“Well, it’s been similar to all apps being released every day. People looking for specialty apps find what they look for on the App Center, but most users come from recommendations by the app’s users. We’re running some ad campaigns and notifying other communities, like Reddit.”
“Once Facebook approves, it’s up to you to get your app exposed to the public. We’ve been overwhelmed by group addition requests and have been fulfilling them slowly. There are several enthusiast coin staffs doing a great job on telling their users that they’re now on Facebook, so most newcomers come from there.”

Speaking to groups, would it ever be possible that the tipping apps be utilized outside of Facebook Groups?

“We went through that way some months ago with the Doge Tipping App, but discarded it. It wasn’t possible to do it without breaking a couple of policies. There was a ‘tipping bot’ account that was monitored, and we got from its ‘tagged’ stream all tipping commands on wall posts and through its ‘notifications’ stream the commands sent over comments.”
“Facebook policies forbid you to have “fake” accounts. First we got the account locked. When we recovered it, we decided to take the feature off. The Multicoin Tipping app inherited that when it was launched.”

That makes sense. So it would take some major Facebook policy changes for that to be attainable?

“Some ideas came through, like monitoring hashtags, but it ends in the same alley. You need to read them through a user token, and frankly, we don’t want and we can’t monitor every user stream looking for tipping commands. FB policies don’t allow you to and we don’t have millions of dollars to invest in equipment to support it.”

In regards to the Multicoin tipping app, which currency has had the most activity?

“To answer that, I have to split it in two parts: Volume and Enthusiasm.”

“On the volume part, speaking of tipping commands Dogecoin has the biggest piece of the cake with more than 82k tips delivered through its exclusive app. That’s considering it is the oldest and most widespread coin. On the Multicoins app, Doge is less popular, with almost 7k tips delivered.”
“It is followed by Fedoracoin (TiPS) with 48k tips issued, and Karma with 38k tips, Trollcoin with 19k, HTMLcoin with 13k. Other coins have volumes under 10k at the moment. Doge, Fedora, Karma, Troll and HTML sum 208,575 tip commands issued up to this moment.”

Wow, that’s incredible.

“Now, going to enthusiasm. This is my personal perception as I see the group fans moving. Besides Doge, the most enthusiastic group here at Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of spreading from Fedora and Karma users. As you’ve seen, they love to make it rain. Plus there’s been a lot of funny things going by Trolls on their official marketplace.”
“But I’m impressed with the Quark staff. They’re bringing really cool ideas, like a group to tip youtubers. They pull authors to the group to tip them with Quark, and have been watching a lot of activity on their behalf. Donationcoin is also trying to gather initiatives unto their group so you go and tip them directly. But if you ask me for a favorite at the moment, I say that’s Quark. They have a lot of stamina.”

Quark has really been making some waves lately. I also find it incredibly interesting that Reddcoin isn’t more active, as they do claim to be the “Social Currency.”

“They [Reddcoin] banned me and a couple extras from the staff from posting on their subreddit. We went to tell them ‘Hey, here, take this, we’re doing it for you’ and they shut the door on our noses. Some VIPs here suggested dropping the coin, but users are more important, and because of them we kept it. I actually see it growing.”

Any idea why they banned you all? I know the developers at Reddcoin have announced plans for their own social media-wide tipping platform for this summer.

“I have no idea. But oh well, it was their call. Not sure if it was a single moderators decision. I hope so, for their own good.”

Well then, let’s move forward. Back to your own project: What are some plans for each tipping app?

“Oh man. I’m way behind schedule on  what I call ‘Stage 2’ of the platform. It’s going out to everyone who wants to tip and get tipped over any website, through a universal plugin. It also uses plugins for major CMS and forum systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHPBB, Xenforo and others. The apps at Facebook could be improved, but right now it is a top priority getting the whole package done to increase the coin’s reach.”

So “Stage Two” plans would be to allow people to tip anywhere on the web? Through any website?

“Yep, that’s the idea. And there’s a Stage 3 but it is too early to talk about it. I can’t tell you. Really. I don’t have to tell you. It’s too soon. It’s just a draft. Don’t force me to tell you!”

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t force you! When Stage 2 and 3 are ready for liftoff, I’d love to hear about it.
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