BREAKING: Facebook Approves Dogecoin Tipping App

Facebook has approved a cryptocurrency tipping app for the first time, and it’s surprisingly not Bitcoin’s. On June 5, 2014, Alejandro Caballero, developer of The Doge Tipping App posted an excited announcement on Reddit’s Dogecoin section. Facebook approves The Doge Tipping App, and their new Multicoin Tipping App followed in its place.

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“[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]t’s been a long road. Especially with the Multicoin Tipping App, which also supports Dogecoin. Now we’re dragging some fellow coins into the big field in the purest spirit of shibing,” Alejandro said.

The comments section shook with excitement, and the post rose in a matter of minutes.

While there are other apps for a few other cryptocurrencies on Facebook, there allegedly hasn’t been an approved app for cryptocurrency yet. It’s highly unexpected, as Facebook’s terms specifically state their stance on payments.

Facebook’s Terms

“Games on or Mobile Web must use Facebook Payments as their sole and exclusive payment method for all virtual goods and currencies made available to users within the game.”

The next portion is very important.

“All other payment options are prohibited within games on or Mobile Web unless they go through Facebook Payments rather than directly through that payment option. By “Payment Method” we mean any method that allows a user to complete a transaction in a game that is on or Mobile Web, including, without limitation, by exchanging monetary value for virtual currency or virtual goods, whether directly at the time of purchase or via any previous transaction such as the user’s earlier purchase of a prepaid gift card or electronic code.”

Regardless of the terms though, it seems like Facebook is allowing the use of the tipping app and possibly changing their stance on digital currency.

“Some days ago we got The Doge Tipping App being the first of its kind. Some adjustments were made during the review, but it was already approved. When we submitted the Doge-only app, the Multicoin Tipping App was also submitted. But we needed to change several things to have it finally approved,” he said.

The Multicoin Tipping App supports Dogecoin, Digibytes, Einsteinium, FedoraCoin, Mintcoin, Reddcoin, Quark, Worldcoin, Vertcoin, Karmacoin, Earthcoin, TrollCoin, HTMLCoin, and Donationcoin. When tipping another person, the recipient receives a wallet address and full access to use their coins.

The app does have to work with Facebook limitations still, “Tipping through the apps work from Facebook Groups, but once you joined one of them, you can send tips to every person existing in Facebook, from your friends list or not,” Alejandro explained. They’ve also made it very clear that the Multicoin app does not sell any of the coins listed.

There are also visibility restrictions that may allow tips to fail, “Tips will fail and will not be logged under the following circumstances: You’ve specified on your Facebook security settings that you don’t want to be tagged and/or you’re tagging someone that doesn’t want to be tagged,” the apps description explains. The app can also not tip pages or groups.

In the final piece of Alejandro’s post, he gives a big thank you to a negative comment posted on his support page. It reads, “If this gains popularity, it will likely just turn the users off to Dogecoin when Zucky and his team shut you down and leave your users in the lurch.”

It seems like “Zucky” and his team either have an announcement to make in favor of digital currency, or a correction to uphold.

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