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Expect a Longer Wait for Microsoft’s Big Xbox Series X Event

We know what the Xbox Series X looks like. But that's about it. We don't know a price or really anything about some next-gen exclusives.

  • We still know little about the Xbox Series X.
  • One Xbox-centric journalist claims we won’t know more until late July.
  • Why is Microsoft holding its cards so tightly?

We know what the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 look like. We know what games the latter will have, alongside some accessories. In the former’s case, we still know next to nothing.

In fact, aside from the design, we hardly know anything about the Xbox Series X release at all. We don’t know a price or additional features or much about exclusives, either.

Xbox Series X Info Isn’t Here Yet

However, more news, and likely something akin to a price tag, are to be revealed this July at Xbox’s big event. Unfortunately, that event isn’t coming in early July, according to Jez Corden from Windows Central.

Jez breaks the news to us on Twitter. | Source: Twitter

For those waiting on a price and some exclusive info, this isn’t great news to hear.

Ever since E3 got canceled, many have wondered how Microsoft and Sony will reveal info regarding their next-gen boxes in such a critical year. We eventually learned more about the PlayStation 5 from a digital event, but Microsoft has yet to hold one similar.

July is Make Break for Microsoft

The event this July is meant to bring us the goods. We’re expecting news on Halo: Infinite, brand new IP, some extra features, and hopefully a price point. But if Jez is right, we’re gonna be waiting well into July to hear news.

In fact, the event might not even happen in mid-July. Further down the thread, Jez states that even July 12th is early for the presentation. Could we have to wait until the third or even fourth week of July to learn about the Xbox Series X?

If July 12th is early… what constitutes late? | Source: Twitter

It’s certainly strange that we’re six months into release year and can’t even pre-order either next-gen console. Hell, Microsoft’s big bet is Halo: Infinite, and we hardly have more than a trailer.

Both companies are playing their cards a little too close to their chests. We can only hope it will pay off in the long run.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:01 PM

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