Expect a High Xbox Series X Price Due to This Clever Reason

Should we expect the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 price to stay high while they release lower-priced, mid-tier consoles? Absolutely
Xbox, Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X could be priced far higher than the usual estimate, following a similar trend with the PlayStation 5. | Source: Microsoft/Xbox
  • We’re still waiting on an Xbox Series X price.
  • More patents hint at a cheaper alternative to Microsoft’s main box.
  • Could this justify a higher-priced Series X?

Console variations became standard this generation. The Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro have proven that hardware needs iterations over a shorter period than seven or so years. However, going into next-generation with this precedent set, should we expect Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 prices to reflect the change?


Justifying a High Priced Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 don’t have price points yet. However, Sony revealed an all-digital PS5 at its recent event, and rumors of Xbox’s cheaper “Lockhart” iteration are all but confirmed.

But why release a cheaper box? To justify a higher-priced main console. A $600 PlayStation 5 doesn’t seem so bad next to a $400 all-digital one. And thanks to the finding of some new patents, we’re all but sure Microsoft will follow suit.

As reported by Inverse, Generacion Xbox unveiled a new patent for the “Xbox Series” branding. This more than likely means more boxes are coming under the Xbox Series name.

Xbox Series X Branding
We’re bound to see more than an Xbox Series X | Source: Generacion Xbox

The current generation has the Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. These latter names are a mouthful, but they represent various points of entry for different levels of income.

Recouping Their Costs

If Microsoft is trademarking the Xbox Series branding, they’ll likely reveal an “Xbox Series S” or something of the sort. Lockhart’s real name might be revealed sooner rather than later.

However, Phil Spencer has already hinted at a higher Xbox Series X price point. This could be justified thanks to Game Pass – gamers would only need that subscription service instead of buying a ton of titles after the hardware launch – but just how high are they willing to go?

An Xbox Series S makes perfect sense because they could push the Series X price even higher. Next-generation is no joke. These powerful SSDs and current manufacturing costs due to the pandemic mean that Microsoft is spending to release their hardware on time.

They need to recoup costs somehow. Warranting a higher-priced box is in their best interest. Now let’s see a price point already.

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