ExchangeCoin (EXCC) – A New Player in the Cryptocurrency Market


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ExchangeCoin is a new cryptocurrency that will be used as a platform for fundraising and to create an exchange system based on the blockchain. The cryptocurrency market is still in its initial stages of development, and the few decentralized exchanges have not become very popular in the market hence they cannot be easily utilised. A significant feature we will be focusing on is the creation of a user-friendly interface. Our goal is to implement the important features like the designs currently used by the centralised exchanges and subsequently we will create this representation in the decentralised environment. This new platform will reduce the occurrence of negative user experiences such as unauthorised manipulation, account bans, traffic overload, and theft. The blockchain has been positioned to take over the future of cryptocurrency markets and EXCC is a part of this plan.

CryptoXchanger is an online platform where a wide range of cryptocurrencies is exchanged; CryptoXchanger is also the developer behind the ExchangeCoin. The primary objective of this project is to create an independence from the operations of external exchanges while providing a modern platform where cryptocurrencies can be freely purchased and exchanged by all users. The management team at CryptoXchanger seek to develop a decentralised, anonymous, “easy to use” exchange platform for all cryptocurrency investors.

The idea for ExchangeCoin was part of the founding goals developed when CryptoXchanger was founded. The development team carried out the registration and integration of over a dozen exchanges into the platform. During this process, some exchanges required verification while the others did not have the necessary API for the currencies that had been selected to be incorporated into the exchanger. The management team has focused its attention on the development of a blockchain based cryptocurrency exchange platform, a dream they are committed to realize very soon.

The ExchangeCoin website has been customised with a user friendly interface and easy navigation controls for the convenience of all users; it is loaded with a lot of useful information. CryptoXchanger on Wednesday, November 8th officially launched its website making its services available to everyone. The fees charged for a single transaction is very low: 0.5%.

You might also be wondering why CryptoXchanger announced an ICO. An explanation for this action can be found on their website. An excerpt of this information from the website is stated below:

“It is not easy to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. This is a process that requires a lot of work and resources. And this is the reason we are announcing the ExchangeCoin Initial Coin Offering (ICO). EXCC is developed as a coin with two principal purposes: it will be used to raise funds needed to create the decentralised exchange; and it will create opportunities for the EXCC holders to gain profits through planned lending and mining programs, trading, and dividends in the future. When we achieve our goal to raise additional funds, we will have the financial ability to hire additional developers and advisers to increase the speed of our processes.”

The Initial Coin Offering will launch on Monday, November 13th at 12:00 UK time.

For the Crowdsale, only six million EXCC coins will be made available for purchase. ICO will be conducted in six phases. A minimum of one million tokens will be released after every five days, and the price will increase with the next batch. This will create an opportunity for some lucky users to purchase EXCC for a low as 0.00016BTC. Coins that are not purchased from current offers will be added to the next batch where they will be sold at a higher price. You can gain more benefits by enrolling in the affiliate program attached to the ICO. As a participant in the affiliate program, you stand to gain a guaranteed 7% commission from your referral purchases.

CryptoXchanger has confirmed its plans to introduce a lending program to EXCC holders immediately after the end of the ICO. The conditions for this process had not yet been made public at the time this article was written; however, a general notice was posted on the social media that the details of the lending program will be made public very soon.

For more information about the Crowdsale or if you will like to read more about CryptoXchanger, visit the official website-

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