EX-CODE – the Most Convenient Payment Method on EXMO


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EX-CODE – the only alternative for any asset transfer with 0% of commission outside the exchange.

EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has been working during more than four years and has proved itself as a reliable partner of users and cryptocurrency exchangers. More than 550 000 users from all over the world trust EXMO. They buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrency on the EXMO platform. EX-CODE is the most reliable and convenient instrument for fast currency transfer.

What is EX-CODE?

 EX-CODE is an internal currency available on EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, providing the possibility to transfer any assets stored on your exchange account.

Why is it profitable to use EX-CODE? 

  1. Deposit/withdrawal commission is 0%;
  2. Immediate funds deposit;
  3. EX-CODE provides the possibility to transfer any type of fiat or cryptocurrency assets.

Due to the the growing users’ interest towards the internal currency in June 2017 EXMO cryptocurrency exchange significantly increased the limits for EX-CODE.

How to use EX-CODE?

The main advantage of using EX-CODE is the simplicity of process and transaction speed. For example a trader Chris, decides to immediately transfer 10 bitcoins to a trader John. The trader Chris knows about EX-CODE that allows to transfer his bitcoins fast and without the commission. So, the trader Chris generates EX-CODE for his 10 bitcoins in the “Wallet” section and gives generated EX-CODE to the trader John. John, in his turn, logs into his  “Wallet” section on EXMO exchange, clicks the button “Deposit” next to EX-CODE, enters the EX-CODE he’s got from Chris and gets 10 bitcoins to his BTC account on EXMO. It happens immediately and without any commission.

EX-CODE = fast + convenient + reliable

EX-CODE has already gained trust of users and cryptocurrency exchangers. More than 80 cryptocurrency exchangers have started to work with EX-CODE during the last half of a year.

Let us remind you that EXMO cryptocurrency exchange has recently announced the integration of three new cryptocurrencies: Ripple, Monero, Tether till the end of the third quarter of 2017. Moreover EXMO exchange has also added a super-anonymous and popular Zcash cryptocurrency.

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