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Evil Geniuses Prepare For LCS Domination After ‘Bang’ Acquisition

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:17 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:17 PM
  • Evil Geniuses rumored to have picked up 100 Thieves ADC Bang.
  • Bang joins LCS MVP Svenskeren and support Zeyzal.
  • The team is shaping up to be a title contender.

As the League of Legends off season trade merry-go-round continues to charge forward, the latest report hints a significant acquisition for first-year North American League of Legends Championship Series franchise, Evil Geniuses.

The nascent team, who picked up the LCS license from the beleaguered and now-defunct Echo Fox, is on the cusp of securing the services of 100 Thieves AD carry Bae “Bang” Jun-sik for 2020 season .

The news suggests that Evil Geniuses is primed to field one of the most competitive rosters in the 2020 LCS.

Evil Geniuses Primed For LCS Domination With Bang Acquisition
Source: YouTube/100 Thieves

A Strong Bot Lane

If the latest nugget comes to fruition, this means that two-time Worlds champion will join forces with ex-Cloud 9 support Zeyzal.

Bang struggled last year to establish a fruitful working relationship with 100 Thieves support Aphromoo, who often succumbed to motivation issues in the face of the team’s mixed results.

Zeyzal may be precisely what the doctor ordered. Despite his recent ascent to the LCS, he is among the most consistent supports in North America. Of course, the two together remains unproven, but there’s significant potential.

LCS MVP Svenskeren

Evil Geniuses Primed For LCS Domination With Bang Acquisition
Source: Riot Games

LCS Summer Split MVP, Svenskeren , joins the bot duo. The Danish player has established synergy with Zeyzal, courtesy of a full year together at Cloud 9, a crucial ingredient for success in contemporary League of Legends.

In a league where many rosters are based on balancing out NA and import slots, Svenskeren is a massive catch. It’s worth remembering the team started from scratch but a few weeks ago.

He is arguably the best jungler in North America, if not one of the best players. And, was one of the most in-demand commodities this off-season. He’s played long enough in the LCS to pick up resident status. This frees up an extra import slot at Evil Geniuses.

Solid Foundation

There are still two starting spots to fill in the mid and top lane, but the trio of Svenskeren, Bang, and Zeyzal forms a formidable basis.

The rumor mill slated Crown as a possible option for Evil Geniuses. But, recent news suggests he’s going to Counter-Logic Gaming  to replace outgoing mid laner Power of Evil. A few big-name NA mid laners like Froggen and the ever-promising Damonte remain unshackled as of writing. We can’t discount an import top laner either.

From these initial acquisitions, it’s clear Evil Geniuses isn’t afraid to lay down the big bucks to secure talent. We imagine this will carry over to the rest of the roster.

As Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson points out, not without a hefty dose of on-brand theatrics, the team is out to make a splash. EG is here to ‘defeat’ reigning LCS champions Team Liquid .

From what we’ve seen so far, Evil Geniuses ‘s pre-season joshing and grand ambitions aren’t just bravado.