EventChain ICO – SmartTickets Platform Designed to Eliminate Centralized Re-Sale Using Blockchain


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SINGAPORE — EventChain, a SmartTicketing platform for the future of decentralized events, announces a crowdfunding date of September 13, 2017 to aid in project development. Their Presale went live September 1st at 17:00 UTC.

EventChain, a best-in-class distributed application on the Ethereum blockchain, allows everyday people attend or create events while avoiding the monopolistic and ethically questionable ticket-service providing industry. With the recent launch of their innovative Alpha Dapp, EventChain has proven it is a serious technology leader in this field.

EventChain’s advanced blockchain technology allows event managers, party organizers, schools social clubs and individuals to use the Ethereum decentralized network to manage and execute events and ticket sales globally, free of third party charges.This is one of the core values and EventChain community will put forth the effort to maintain a free and decentralized platform as much as possible.

Many problems with the current event-ticketing industry can be fixed by EventChain’s decentralized ticketing platform. Fans are angry with ticketing and are commonly deal with unfair and extortionate ticketing fees, website crashes, ticketing scalping and counterfeit tickets. Artists are who need this income to survive are still not getting by. EventChain wants to create a system where real fans can get real tickets.

EventChain is one of the unique projects in the ICO market today because it provides a real world solution to a real world issue of counterfeit tickets with excessive processing fees. The alpha application is already live and available to view at alpha.eventchain.io

The EventChain team includes Ashton Addison leading top business professionals and entrepreneurs whom together manage a development team with over 7 years of software development experience in booking applications. The EventChain Board of Advisors is stacked with experts and fronted by Dr. Steven Funk, a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and founding funder of Unitis Capital, which recently surpassed $1 Billion in funding initiatives for businesses to scale and innovate and Piotr Piasecki, Core developer from Factom.

Tickets are free of processing fee’s when processed using EventChain tokens (EVC), an ERC20 token used within the EventChain platform which also provides fans with exclusive benefits, VIP amenities and early bird privileges and many other functions in the EventChain SmartTickets system.

The EventChain platform consists of 84 million EVC. 65% are allocated for ICO participants, with 20% towards incentivizing in the ecosystem and 15% retained by the EventChain team. The ICO goes live on September 13th 2017. The full details are found in the Whitepaper below so mark your calendar! See Tokensale.

Together with EventChain and Ethereum we are bringing blockchain ticketing to the masses.

Participate: http://tokensale.eventchain.io

Visit our website: https://www.EventChain.io

Try the alpha: alpha.eventchain.io

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