European Fashion Retailer ShowRoomprivé is now accepting Bitcoin

Yannick Losbar @CryptoInvest
October 2, 2014

ShowRoomPrivé.com, one of Europe’s leading fashion retailers, has announced its partnership with Bitcoin payment processor Paymium to start accepting Bitcoin payments.

The French company, which achieved a turnover of more than EUR 350 million in 2013 and employs more than 600 people, wishes to confirm its innovative position in the e-commerce area.

Showroomprivé.com CEO Thierry Petit said:

“To integrate Bitcoin as a new payment option, we had to find a reliable Bitcoin payment solution that could also convert bitcoins to local currencies in all the countries where operates. Paymium delivers the comprehensive solution that suits our need. Thus, we can safely offer Bitcoin payments on all our websites, in France and abroad.”

Showroomprivé.com already accepts Bitcoin payments on its French and Dutch websites. Other European countries will follow in the coming weeks (Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland).

This choice is not insignificant: the selection of the Netherlands as a test country was made by taking into consideration the progressive stance of the country on payment matters. Regarding the French market, Thierry Petit adds: “Even if the market is not yet mature in France, we’re betting on the future.”

A Success For Bitcoin Payment Processor Paymium

Behind this advance in the race for the adoption of Bitcoin is a young French startup, Paymium, whose CEO Gonzague Grandval says:

“We are witnessing a major event for e-commerce in Europe and a more mainstream adoption for Bitcoin as a payment network. By accepting Bitcoin, shows its ability to Innovate, and we are delighted to support such a prestigious retailer in this process!”

The startup, whose offer includes both a platform for buying and selling bitcoins and a payment solution for merchants, is not its first test shot. Indeed, in April 2014, the company successfully persuaded the CEO of major French supermarket chain Monoprix to accept Bitcoin on its network by the end of the year.

The CEO of Monoprix explained the motivations behind this choice:

” The idea is not to be absolutely among the first ones who will be ‘in’, but to think about what Bitcoin can change in the lives of our customers. Having said that, it is much too early to expect a significant turnover. At Monoprix, we are many to believe in it. The bitcoins aren’t a straw fire. Perhaps that ultimately, it is another alternative currency, a means of payment other than the bitcoin that will finally become mainstream. »

Paymium thus adopted a quite innovative and intelligent positioning: in contrast to its competitors Bitpay and Coinbase who illustrate themselves through partnerships with tech companies, the French payment provider seems to reach merchants who cater to the needs of a clientele as diversified as possible, like Monoprix but also champagne merchant Will this diversification be the key that will lead to the mass adoption of Bitcoin?

For his part, Monoprix CEO has no doubts about the fact that Bitcoin should be adopted right now by smart merchants:

“In 3 to 5 years, consumers will have changed the way they pay, their relationship to money will have significantly evolved. By positioning now on the bitcoin market, we start our learning curve. Unlike actors who wait 3-5 years and will wipe plaster when Bitcoin will perhaps emerge as a standard means of payment!”

Images from ShowRoomPrivé and Paymium.

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