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Ethereum Price Rises in Anticipation of Devcon2

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM
Andrew Quentson
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:51 PM

Ethereum’s price has been slowly increasing for the past ten days as the highly anticipated International Blockchain Week opens this evening around 2AM European time and around 10PM USA.

Price reached a low of 0.018 on September the 8th. Since then it has been on the increase, reaching today a high of 0.0214, around $13, with a market cap of almost $1.1 billion.

Ethereum's Price Rises in Anticipation of Devcon2
Ethereum’s Price Rises in Anticipation of Devcon2

The main reason is likely to be the International Blockchain Week, the biggest blockchain event ever. It opens late evening today with Devcon2, where numerous talks and presentations are to be given by leading ethereum and other blockchain developers.

One of the more interesting presentation of the day is to be given by Heiko Hees who is to showcase The Raiden Network, Ethereum’s lightning network, which is currently in alpha and ready to use for developers. Hees may further demo the network and show how it can be used for some very interesting real life applications.

Vitalik Buterin will present the Mauve Revolution, presumably so called as a play on Dilbert’s blockchain cartoon . The talk is likely to be based on an already released draft Mauve Paper which provides an overview on the current state of Casper’s proof of stake and ethereum’s scalability through sharding.

There are many more presentations, including on Web3.0 with two more days to follow packed with further talks on the many ethereum projects, such as Metamask, Gnosis, Uport, Colony and far too many more to mention, including a talk by Dr. Tim Nugent on Ethereum blockchain initiatives at Thomson Reuters.

Devcon2 is followed by Demo Day where more than 30 blockchain projects are to be showcased and compete for a winning prize in the biggest event of its kind.

On Friday the 23rd of September, the Global Blockchain Summit opens with the schedule slightly changed recently. Vitalik Buterin is to open the event with a welcome speech followed by a new addition. Lihui Li, former president of the Bank of China, who currently leads the National Internet Finance Association of China Blockchain Research Task Force, is to give Opening Remarks and Keynote Speech.

China flags

The National Internet Finance Association  of China was set up in March 2016 by China’s central bank and acts as a self-regulatory organization at the national level for the internet finance industry with more than 400 institutions as members. We, therefore, look forward to Lihui Li’s keynote speech and will be hanging onto every (hopefully translated) word.

Opening remarks and keynote speech will also be given by Zhen Xu, director of Shanghai Clearing House, another new addition, with the schedule further slightly changed to accommodate two speeches by IBM representatives.

The rest of the blockchain event has been covered in previous articles, but, and needless to say, this is the biggest blockchain event ever with far too many household names to list and, according to the schedule, the blockchain summit is of such scale that it is likely to go down as blockchain’s coming out party to the world.

Image from iStock. Chart from Poloniex.