Ethereum Link – Linking Ethereum Globally – Breaks 500k USD Barrier


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Pushing Ethereum to new limits, Introducing Ethereum Link

The ICO is open as of today, and they’ve raised over half a million so far.

At this point, more than 379 investors have contributed with more than 370 BTCs (26,560 LNK Equivalent) in order to see the project being built, LNK token works in the platform core; as shares by receiving profit from the totally Silver Backed Token trading and as a store of value since it is backed by tradable assets inside Link platform starting with Silver.

 Aiming For Mainstream Usage

As part of Ethereum Link’s main goal to reach out to businesses and trade markets, it’ll launch a ‘Linking Desk’ Service as it’s first prioritised road map goal. They’ll also approach individual people and small – medium sized companies that want better security, fund management, and productivity, to integrate ETH LINK’s block chain into their system, thus spreading and building on ETH LINK’s real-world solutions.

If Ethereum Link successfully manages to gain traction with businesses in the main-stream world, then it’ll mean nothing but success for both investors, early backers, and the project itself.

Key Stats

Here are some important dotted points about Ethereum Link’s ICO and in general important things to know for both us investors and enthusiasts.

  • Limited Supply: Ethereum Link will be rare, with a maximum supply of 60,000 LNK to ever exist, comparing to Bitcoin’s total supply of 21,000,000
  • Amount Distributed in ICO : The ETH Link ICO is set to sell 55,000 LINK, which, mathematically speaking is 91.6% of the total supply, thus the token will be heavily distributed within the economy.
  • 3,600 LINK is reserved for ETH LINK’s Team, which is acceptable as going mainstream and connecting with clients is going to cost them.
  • 900 LINK reserved for Bounty Hunters.
  • 500 LINK reserved for contest and giveaways, pretty self-explanatory.
  • It’s also good to know that LINK’s price within the ICO is 1 ETH = 3 LINK

Current bonus is still 9%, if you want to take part visit