Raises over 5 Million Euros in Ongoing ICO

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eSports, a decentralized gaming ecosystem for gamers by gamers, has announced the sale of its Ethereum-based token, ERT. The token sale has already raised over 5 million Euro.

ERT is a new token standard for the esports community and the default currency for a one-stop, blockchain platform ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of a game, hardware,in-game items, and merchandise marketplace where gamers can securely buy and sell. Participants can also place bets on their favourite esports team and game, or opt for the exclusive esports training university. This unique university includes guides, tutorials and coaching lessons from users and professional players across the globe.

The global volume for eSports betting exceeded 5 Billion Euros in 2016. This volume is expected to grow up to 45 Billion Euros by 2020. Current projections show a growth in eSports fans to more than 600 million by 2020 from the 350 Million eSports Fans by the end of 2017.

Speaking on the need for such a unifying service for this emerging market, chief esports officer and co-founder Benjamin Föckersperger says:

Never has there been a platform where gamers and fans can share, curate and enjoy cool content together, or even participate in and contribute to esports events. There will be a shop for your favourite esports team’s merchandise as well as hardware, chairs, coaching lessons, or betting on your favourite team. You decide which offers you want to participate in and which you don’t like. All our users can participate in creating content for those areas by writing guides or producing videos. They get paid in ERT for their contribution which can be cashed out from ERT to FIAT (i.e. traditional currency) through several exchanges or our site at the current value of ERT for that day and time.”

To this end, the company has been highly involved in networking with potential partners inside and out of the eSports economy to create mutually beneficial solutions. Over the last 6 months, the company has been in contact with top-tier media companies and major players in the eSports industry including Bet90, SBTech, SportsBookCloud, Pro7 Sat1 Media. The company has also been cooperating with relevant gambling authorities and will be implementing all legally required know your customer procedures (KYC) for full compliance. This will help ensure the protection of player funds, prevention of underage gambling and fraud.

Built on smart contracts, ERT tokens is the gateway currency to esports tokenized ecosystem, powering everything from innovative players reward system to betting, exclusive contents, premium subscription tiers, and shopping.

The current public ICO event has a soft cap of €2 Million which has already been reached. The hard cap for the ICO has been set at €20 Million, which will enable the launching of the eSports University. The university includes a physical gaming house in Berlin, as well as two teams: one for CS:GO and one for LoL.

The first mock up screenshots of the product, as well as an interactive prototype, have now been made available. Participate in the ICO now at

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