EROSCOIN ICO: The Revolution In CryptoCurrency Payments

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Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: "CCN+Hacked". Sign up here.

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As the world is progressing, new and advanced technologies are being introduced to people and people are catching up with this pace of change very well. One of the examples of new technologies these days, which has taken the market by the storm, are cryptocurrencies. Many of you are already aware of the term but for the people who have still not got caught in the whirlwind of this technology, it can be safely confirmed as a sideline or an alternate for digital cash. Cryptocurrencies are digital token, exchanged on blockchain platform in such a decentralized manner that the exchange of the tokens take place only between buyer and retailer and the source remains anonymous and hence, safe.

There are a number of platforms present online for the exchange of crypto-currency, which claim ultimate safe and secure payment gateways and valid transactions. Many of these companies are nothing but fraud and you can end up compromising your security regarding your personal details like credit card number and account details if you made a mistake choosing the right payment gateway method. This discussion brings us to our subject of interest here – EROSCOIN.

What is EROSCOIN Payment Gateway?

EROSCOIN solutions or EROS blockchain is an organization which has based its foundation on providing you with a safe and secure gateway solution when it comes to making a payment or a transaction in terms of crypto-currency. Whilst most of the payment processors allow the use of only a limited number of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, etc. EROSCOIN provides you with an option of choosing between as many as 500 currencies present over the web. Rated as one of the most versatile and good gateways for payment solutions, EROSCOIN can help you if you wish to exchange or receive payments in form of crypto currencies.

EROSCOIN features

Based on a strong, smart and secure blockchain Foundation, EROSCOIN gives you an upper hand over regular payment gateways in many aspects like,

  • Safe and secure payments
  • No third party evolvement
  • Browser & blockchain based technology
  • Confirmed transactions within 15 seconds on EROS Payment system
  • Peer to peer communications
  • Decentralized platform
  • Anonymity
  • No border investment
  • Transparency
  • Opportunity to create currency for every organization using EROS payment solutions
  • Mass payment facility for the fulfilment of community needs
  • In-chat and request payment facilities

Thus, when put in a terse manner, you can say that EROS payment solution stresses on challenges of the industry by revealing safer and faster solutions for payment using virtual currencies.

An outlook on EROS products

EROSCOIN has a concept namely EROSPAY decentralized app which caters you with a few products you can get exclusively if you use EROSCOIN payment solutions. Some of these products are

  • Web Wallet: designed for P2P transactions and helps you to exchange ERO currency within seconds.
  • Mobile Payment: EROS helps you to receive payments through credit cards across the world thus making geographical interference not a problem anymore.
  • Mobile Wallet: you can store coins or tokens in your mobile wallet for instant payments both commercial and noncommercial, whatsoever.
  • Extensive merchant tools for helping merchant with easy, fast and secured transactions.
  • Generate external invoices with a variety of voice templates and send or direct invoices to customers thereby maintaining anonymity and thus safety and transparency of the transaction.
  • E-commerce integrations with 10k+ e-commerce websites for providing you with the flexibility of choosing between shopping and payment options.

Presale ICO Dates

The platform has set a maximum cap of 2.4 billion ERO tokens, and 1.2 billion ERO tokens will be available in the ICO phase. Official EROSCOIN presale ICO starts from 25th Sep 2017 and the last date to participate in pre-sale is 30th Sep 2017.

Why choose EROSCOIN?

If you are still considering EROSCOIN as just another payment gateway technology in the market then you need to contemplate over your reasons to do so once again. EROSCOIN is a platform based on highly encrypted and thus secure blockchain ecosystem which is adamant on bringing revolution in payment industry and is paving its way towards that by walking on the best road possible. It has managed to give a tough strike on peer to peer crypto-currency payment world and this is just the starting.

Regular payment gateways have many loopholes and there are a variety of tactics that people can take apply to exploit your personal data and information which can scar you for a long time. EROSCOIN provides you with a decentralized, encrypted and hard to track system of virtual currency exchange by keeping your information safe and getting your work done within seconds regardless of your location or amount of your payment. Moreover, it is the first organization in the industry to help you with peer to peer mass payments. I hope now you might want to weigh your payment options twice before making a choice.

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