Eric Schmidt: We Are Breaking The Internet

October 13, 2014 11:29 UTC

U.S. Government factions run amuck are on their way to reaching their goal of having serious repercussions on The Internet and the future of free global online communication.

The NSA has already successfully strong-armed Yahoo and other major databases into submission and full data transfer through coercion. Now the backlash of such dastardly deeds and unconstitutional government behavior may cause the rest of the world to react defensively, and “break The Internet,” as we know it. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, has sounded the alarm at a recent Silicon Valley tech meeting, lamenting the future issues the mass surveillance could cause.

“We’re Going to end up Breaking The Internet,” Says Google’s Eric Schmidt

“The simplest outcome: We’re going to end up breaking the Internet,” Schmidt said, “because what’s going to happen is governments will do bad laws of one kind or another, and eventually what’s going to happen is: ‘We’re going to have our own Internet in our own country, and we’re going to do it our way.'”

National governments are all about control; controlling the citizenry, and “breaking The Internet” is a great place to start, if you can pull it off.  Blaming American for mass surveillance, is a great way to lock down the Internet, nation by nation. Less freedom and more control by the state is always desirable when it comes to ruling a nation. The new word, compartmentalization, would then become very easily applied to The Internet, as it evolves into a local mechanism, instead of global.  Foreign governments, like Russia, are starting to limit access of American service providers and data centers, requiring they keep data centers for Russian citizens within Russia. China’s limitations on “The Internet” and it’s freedoms are well known worldwide as a model of totalitarian control.  National “clouds” could be established, where data transfer outside of a countries borders is cut off, and you would then begin “breaking The Internet” into pieces. The localized Internet control of national governments would defeat the purpose of The Internet itself.  This provides national governments more control, and freedom of its citizens much more fleeting.

The damage to personal freedom is palpable.  The other interest that may lose out is the American tech industry, on which much of the Internet’s reach and success is built upon.  Mega-companies like Google and Amazon will not be able to reach worldwide markets, and will see incredible losses as they go from global superstars to the biggest fish in a shrinking pond.

According to analysis firm Forrester Research, the losses for the tech industry from the NSA backlash could amount to as much as $180 billion over the next two years.

Internet companies both big and small would learn the hard way why “Net Neutrality” is so important to the very being of The Internet. Government’s growing control of The Internet probably won’t be curtailed this year, as Congress recently refused to rule on the NSA and their lack of ethical management before going on a 2-month hiatus.

The digital currency realm is mounting an opposition to an out-of-control government breaking The Internet, with companies like Maidsafe creating a new fully-decentralized Internet which would run on their recently launched SafeCoin.  No more server-based data centers like Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, which have centralized user information, and creating a cherry tree for NSA and other factions to pick from.  All information is fully encrypted and spread worldwide for it’s privacy and protection. User’s information can be protected, without “breaking The Internet”.  The Maidsafe team is looking to have the new decentralized Internet fully operational by year’s end.

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