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Epic Games Store Just Revealed One of Its Biggest Freebies Ever

It's Thursday, and right on cue, this week's Epic Games Store freebies - Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez - are now available.

  • This week’s Epic Games Store free games are now available.
  • They’re Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez.
  • Faeria is next week’s freebie.

It’s Thursday, and that means a changing of the guard at Epic Games’ weekly free game giveaway. Replacing last week’s duo of digital board games, Carcasonne and Ticket to Ride, are Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez.

The usual drill applies. You’ll need a free Epic Games Store account to grab the free games. Once you’ve done that, hit that “Get” button, and the titles are all yours. The offer is available until next Thursday, Feb. 20, at 4 pm GMT/8 am PST.

Both games are available from either Epic’s web site or the Epic Games Store launcher.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance & Aztez

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is among the largest games to feature in the weekly giveaway since it began over a year ago. You can exceed the 50-hour playtime mark quite comfortably.

The sweeping RPG has you traipse around an open-world depiction of medieval Bohemia. You’ll need to avenge the brutal murder of your parents and halt the advance of an invading force in the process.

Aztez doesn’t quite have the same breadth a Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but it is well worth a try.

It’s a compelling hybrid of beat ’em up and turn-based strategy games set in a world with a historical Mesoamerican flavor. There’s a campaign to storm through visiting various landmarks of the Aztecs.

Next Week’s Epic Store Freebie Is Faeria

Epic Games has also announced next week’s game – Faeria.

Developed by indie studio Abrakam, it’s a fantasy card battler with a twist – it includes a dynamic living board that’s reminiscent of the turn-based strategy genre.

Faeria features a dizzying array of deck combinations and in-depth tactical gameplay. | Source: Abrakam

With strategy at its heart, Faeria features a dizzying array of deck combinations and in-depth tactical gameplay in either single or multiplayer.

Faeria is available on the Epic Games Store for free from next Thursday.

Last modified: September 23, 2020 1:34 PM

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