My Entry to the Wall Street Bitcoin Design Contest

Gordon Hall
December 23, 2013
My Wall Street Bitcoinz Logo ftw!

If you’ve been keeping up with your CryptoCoinsNews, you’ll know about the New York City Bitcoin Center’s Logo Design Competition.

“Bridging the gap between the Bitcoin industry” and major Wall Street primary dealers, high frequency traders and corporate raiders sounds like a deal good enough to put the devil and his blood-signed contracts to shame! So I’ve decided to enter, to show my 100% genuine and non-sarcastic support for this project!

In my design, I’ve tried to capture the ethos of Wall Street plus all the wonderful benefits it can bring to the Bitcoin economy. These design elements are briefly summarised:

1) a giant, vampiric cephalapod lovingly manipulates the Bitcoin symbol with its myriad muppet-suckering tentacles while opening the backdoor for Uncle Sam.
2) A bloated whale in fancy cufflinks eyes the Bitcoin symbol hungrily while dreaming of patent approvals.
3) A smiling shark closes in.

Even though I’m just getting started with Adobe Illustrator, I’m sure the fine, upstanding gentlemen of Wall Street will appreciate my entry’s understated symbolism and general sophistication.

I hope I win! :3

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