Antonio Brown Patriots Departure Confirms He Is Ricky Jerret From Ballers

Antonio Brown’s behavior is drawing comparisons on Twitter with a famously eccentric wide receiver. Rather than another member of the NFL, it is Ricky Jerret, John David Washington‘s famous character from HBO’s Ballers. Antonio Brown is Ricky Jerret….Don't @ Me… — Robert Littal (@BSO) September 20, 2019 Antonio Brown Goes Full Ricky Jerret in 2019 … Read more

A Breaking Bad Movie: The Risks of Revisiting a Fan Favourite Franchise

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” is set to release on Netflix Oct. 11. This marks the second time that fans can revisit the world of Heisenberg. The first was the highly successful and ongoing series “Better Call Saul.” This movie release marks a change in behavior for iconic franchises. A return to these original … Read more

Avengers Endgame Has Peaked Shared Franchises, All Downhill From Here

“Avengers: Endgame” has topped the box office worldwide becoming the highest grossing film of all time. The Marvel Studios franchise bested “Avatar’s” $2.789 billion to make movie history. It took over ten years for the franchise to get to that level of success and it may never reach it again. In fact, it could all … Read more

Sony Considers Remaking “The Princess Bride” as Internet Explodes in Fury

As Hollywood movie studios get further and further away from producing original content and instead rely on remakes and reboots of familiar franchises, Sony has apparently floated the idea of remaking “The Princess Bride.” This would, of course, be a terrible idea. That also may be why Sony quickly backed away, saying that it wasn’t … Read more

Will The Office Survive Its Painful Peacock Purgatory?

Six years after its last episode aired on NBC, and eight years after Steve Carrell’s exit turned the show into the broadcast equivalent of Shaquille O’Neal’s post-Miami Heat NBA career, The Office is enjoying an unexpected cultural renaissance. According to the Wall Street Journal, The Office has been Netflix’s most-watched show for several years, logging … Read more

Netflix Will Start Streaming “Seinfeld” Around the Time That Nobody Cares

Netflix is apparently doing its imitation of the Black Knight from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” i.e.”I’m not dead yet.” Netflix’s latest attempt to remain relevant is to secure streaming rights to all episodes of the hit NBC series “Seinfeld,” which will begin streaming on Netflix…in 2021. For the past several years, Netflix has … Read more

Rapper Nas & the No-Good-Very-Bad Payday Loan Investment

Famed rapper Nasir Jones (“Nas”) made a poor choice in backing a revolutionary new financial services product that provides “earned wage access” to employees. A variety of earned wage access companies have popped up in recent years, but only one of them has a model that is worse than the payday loans it’s designed to … Read more

3 Unseen Threats Disney Plus Poses to Netflix and Amazon

We’re less than two weeks on from the Disney fan expo D23. It remains clear that the Disney Plus streaming service threatens to erode the market share of existing industry leaders. Netflix and Amazon have created models that have worked in the past and the upcoming launch of an Apple streaming service only adds to … Read more

Freudian Slip? Trump Accidentally Compares Himself to Darth Vader

By This morning, President Trump drew fire when he shared a quote likening him to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This afternoon, he accidentally compared himself to someone far less heroic: Darth Vader – and not even the James Earl Jones version. Trump: I am the ‘Chosen One’ 'I am the Chosen One,' … Read more