3 Unseen Threats Disney Plus Poses to Netflix and Amazon

Disney Plus upcoming launch

We’re less than two weeks on from the Disney fan expo D23. It remains clear that the Disney Plus streaming service threatens to erode the market share of existing industry leaders. Netflix and Amazon have created models that have worked in the past and the upcoming launch of an Apple streaming service only adds to … Read more

Freudian Slip? Trump Accidentally Compares Himself to Darth Vader

donald trump is darth vader

By CCN.com: This morning, President Trump drew fire when he shared a quote likening him to the second coming of Jesus Christ. This afternoon, he accidentally compared himself to someone far less heroic: Darth Vader – and not even the James Earl Jones version. Trump: I am the ‘Chosen One’ ‘I am the Chosen One,’ … Read more

Can Elvis Save Netflix? Content Streamer Shows Signs of Desperation

elvis presley, netflix

By CCN.com: Netflix is facing increasingly intense competition from multiple other streaming services. Whereas Netflix once seemed to be creating high-quality, intelligent, and groundbreaking content, many of its recent moves feel more like the company is grasping at straws. Elvis the Spy? Netflix has ordered an animated series entitled “Agent King” from Priscilla Presley and … Read more

Ted Cruz Exposes His Doppelganger on The Office – Hint: It’s Not Dwight

Ted Cruz reveals Kevin Malone is his doppelganger from The Office.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted Monday that he grew a beard to keep people from confusing him with Kevin Malone from The Office. That was in response to a story in the New York Post about 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro. Apparently, the former Obama HUD Secretary’s identical twin brother (a US representative from Texas) … Read more