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Eminem Is Back & Insecure as Ever With New Diss to Machine Gun Kelly

Published December 21, 2020 11:22 PM
Aaron Weaver
Published December 21, 2020 11:22 PM
  • Eminem released his latest album, ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B,’ last week.
  • As usual, he disses as many people on the record as possible, including his former ‘enemy’ Machine Gun Kelly.
  • Whether it’s his fragile ego or a lame attention grab, Em’s latest attack does not paint him in a good light.

Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all-time. He’s also one the most insecure.

That has never been more evident than on ‘Music To Be Murdered By – Side B.’ Sure, he apologizes to Rihanna . But before he can finish his breath, he’s trying to resuscitate his stale beef with Machine Gun Kelly.

Does anyone still want this? Does anyone still care? Apparently, one person still does.

MGK’s dismissive response was spot on. It’s time to move on, Em; we’re getting tired of hearing about this.

Eminem Drops Another MGK Diss

Slim Shady dropped several veiled jabs at Machine Gun Kelly on his latest album. On the song ‘Zeus,’ Eminem raps:

Fair weather, wishy-washy/ She thinks Machine washed me/ Swear to God, man, her favourite rapper wish he’d crossed me

Who is this woman that thinks Machine Gun Kelly ‘washed’ you, Em? Everyone knows Eminem won this battle a long time ago. Apparently, it irked him enough to rap about it on his new album.

Check out the song below:

On ‘Gnat,’ he continues with the subtle hints:

They come at me with machine guns/ Like trying to fight off a gnat.

Why does Eminem keep hinting at his disses? It’s like he doesn’t want to fully reignite the beef by addressing MGK by name, but he also clearly isn’t willing to let it go.

Battle raps are usually straight-forward and no-holds-barred. If there ever was a passive-aggressive battle rap, this is it.

Machine Gun Kelly Gives an Appropriate Response

Machine Gun Kelly was quick to respond to Eminem’s subtle disses on Twitter. Check out his tweet below:

Machine Gun Kelly has an equally subliminal response. | Source: Twitter 

Translation? “Your subliminal disses are trash.”

What’s ironic is that MGK also shies away from addressing his foe by name. Both artists have gotten gun shy against each other. Maybe they’re starting to realize that nobody cares anymore.

And let’s be clear, Machine Gun Kelly hasn’t let his beef with Eminem die, either.

He released the diss track “Bullets With Names”  at the start of the pandemic. And let’s be real: Eminem’s career and clout is out of MGK’s stratosphere, he should be trying to get Em’s attention. He’s still trying to make a name for himself.

But that attention hasn’t always worked out. MGK admitted that his beef didn’t help his career as much as he may have wanted. In December, he told Dave Franco the effect it had on his album sales for ‘Hotel Diablo’ :

As a hip-hop album, it’s flawless front to back, and also a hint at the evolution of how I went into a pop-punk album. But it was coming off the tail-end of that infamous beef [with Eminem]. So no one wanted to give it the time of day.

Eminem Needs to Make His Own Music

The fact that Eminem is still paying attention to the former rapper, now ‘pop-punk’ artist Machine Gun Kelly speaks volumes. We all know Marshall Mathers is one of the best battle rappers ever to touch a mic (even if he often seeks out a weak opponent). He doesn’t need to prove it anymore, especially not with people he’s already shut down.

But some of us can remember a time when that wasn’t his whole identity.

There was a time when he made classic songs that weren’t about other people in the music industry. His work stood on its own.

Songs like “Stan,” or “Guilty Conscience,” or “White America,” or “Lose Yourself” weren’t diss tracks. They were just great songs that Eminem unearthed from his own creativity bank.

Check out the timeless quality of this track:

Sadly, that bank seems to be empty now.

We’ve already seen him squirm with insecurity when he thought Mariah Carey was going to out him in her latest book. Now he’s proving that besides ‘insecure,’ Eminem is also becoming lazy.

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