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Eminem Is Still Scared to Battle a Real Threat – Seeks DMX in Verzuz

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
  • Eminem is reportedly willing to take on DMX in a Verzuz battle.
  • DMX does not stand a chance against the Detroit rapper
  • Throughout his career, Eminem has sought opponents who stand no chance against him.

Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all-time, there’s no debating that. But for an MC who prides himself on battling, he loves to take the path of least resistance.

The trend continues. Eminem is reportedly interested in battling DMX in the popular Verzuz series on Instagram. While DMX would be the biggest name he’s conjured, he’s still a far cry from Slim Shady.

DMX Was Great – For About Five Years

According to Noreaga, host of the podcast Drink Champs, Eminem is down to battle DMX.

Noreaga reveals the news. | Source: Instagram 

Verzuz is not a traditional “battle” platform. Artists aren’t trying to take each other down. They’re simply going head-to-head, playing their hits off of each other.

Nonetheless, Eminem would, once again, be setting himself up for an easy win.

DMX was great, but he didn’t last long at the top. Despite an impressive run in the late 90s, he’s never had a top 10 hit  in his career.

According to Billboard, Eminem has had 22. 

Considering a Verzuz battle would see the artists going “hit-for-hit,” this “battle” would be a joke.

If we’re being generous, DMX had five good-to-great albums from 1998 – 2003 (and that’s being very generous Grand Champ).

But there is one thing DMX has that Eminem does not: fearlessness. While Eminem allegedly says he’d take on Dark Man X, DMX hilariously has his eyes on someone he’s even more ill-equipped against in Jay-Z.

Eminem’s Sad History of Punching Down

While Eminem has taken on prominent political figures like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, he’s rarely picked on artists his own size.

Remember when he beefed with Britney Spears?  It must’ve been terrifying waiting for her response track. Oh, that’s right, she never made one, because she’s not a rapper.

But neither is Christina Aguilera, who Eminem also badgered.  The same goes for one of his favorite targets, Mariah Carey. But she dissed him back, R&B style.

Of course, Em battled “rappers,” too. One of his best diss tracks  came against a guy named Benzino. He sounded real tough, taking apart the owner of hip-hop magazine The Source, who seemingly rapped as a hobby.

He teamed up to attack gangster-rapper turned R&B crooner Ja Rule. 

In 2018, Eminem assumed his notoriously defensive stance against other white rappers  by focusing his attention on Machine Gun Kelly. While MGK did his best, he was hopeless from the start. If he wasn’t, Eminem would’ve avoided the controversy altogether.

Eminem Should Battle a Real Legend

If Eminem is going to battle anyone at this point, it should be against someone who’s had his type of sustained success. DMX is not the guy, but he gave Mr. Mathers a clue.

Slim Shady should faceoff against Jay-Z if he really wants to measure his muscle. Jay-Z has been around longer. He’s had 21 top 10 hits.  And he has an extra dimension to his artistry that DMX lacks.

A faceoff against Nas would be epic. Even Lil Wayne would present a puncher’s chance.

But no, don’t be surprised if Eminem seeks a battle against Lil Nas X or Ariana Grande instead. After all, part of Eminem’s greatness is evading any real threats.

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