Elon Musk Shuts Down ‘The Office’ Star in Epic Twitter Diss

April 25, 2019

By CCN: Tesla might have a new assistant to the CEO. It would appear on Twitter that someone who goes by the handle “Weird Al” just told on Elon Musk for allegedly stealing Rainn Wilson’s idea for a quiet, electric leaf blower. You can’t make this stuff up.

Four days after “The Office” star Wilson made a request for a quiet, electric leaf blower to Elon Musk, the tech billionaire coldly tweeted, like a robot or alien from Mars, that Tesla would develop a quiet, electric leaf blower – with no shout out to Dwight Schrute!

That’s when follower “Weird Al” piped in with a tip of the hat to the guy that came up with the idea.

That was a pretty good idea for the CEO of one of the world’s most advanced and prolific electrical technology companies to get straight from a former resident of the Electric City.

Elon Musk Gives Rainn Wilson the Cold Shoulder

Before Rainn could answer “Weird Al’s” tweet – “wasn’t this your idea?” – Musk jumped in with a seriously cold shoulder to Mr. Wilson, saying:

“It’s been suggested by many, externally & internally.”

That’s ice cold, Elon.

They do say you pretty much have to be a psychopath to be that successful in business.

Well, that’s apparent enough about Elon Musk for stealing Rainn Wilson’s idea right in front of everyone on Twitter and not giving him any credit for it. It’s so brazen.

Think how out of touch with reality you’d have to be.

That guy’s got his head spinning around the solar system somewhere.

(No doubt he’d agree this is literally as well as metaphorically true.)

Should This Really Be A Priority, Elon Musk?

Why does Rainn Wilson want a quiet leaf blower anyway?

They’re already pretty quiet. What’s he trying to do? Sneak up on a pile of leaves? Do his lawn care at three in the morning? They probably do get up pretty early on Schrute farms, but there’s no one to disturb for miles around.

This isn’t really an Assistant CEO level suggestion, but maybe there’s an opening at Tesla for an assistant to the CEO.

This whole fiasco with Rainn Wilson not getting any credit for his idea reminds me of the time Dwight took the blame for Michael’s disastrously bad Golden Ticket idea that miraculously turned out to be a huge success:

No wonder Rainn’s upset.

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