Elon Musk Doesn’t Need to ‘Beg’ for Trolls – We All See His Foolishness

Elon Musk just took to Twitter to claim that he wanted to be 'trashed.' Be careful what you wish for, king.

Let's take a closer look at the real Elon Musk. | Source: REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke

  • Elon Musk asked Twitter to “trash” him on Wikipedia on Sunday.
  • Given his track record of questionable behavior, he doesn’t need to beg anyone to trash him.
  • From a troll’s eye view, Musk is a terrible person, whether or not it says so on Wikipedia.

Elon Musk is getting cocky again. And it’s right on time.

As the general public falls deeper into poverty, we’ve all been praying that an insecure billionaire, who’s doubled his wealth in this pandemic, would arise and show us his courage.

But only one of these guys is cool! | Source: Twitter

And our savior will remain silent no longer.

He tweeted out to his following on Sunday, begging to be trashed on Wikipedia.

Quiet everyone–our hero speaks. | Source: Twitter

It pains us to speak ill of such an inspiring man, but when a king asks for our service, it is our duty to comply.

Where Do We Begin?

Musk’s fans were glad to join in the trash party. But sadly, they barely dug in.

Check out this fan’s mild edit on Wikipedia:

Roasted? More like, lightly toasted. | Source: Twitter

Oh no, he made his sellers lose money? His memes aren’t funny? While these digs might be true, surely, Elon Musk was hoping for more.

We will try our best.

Elon Musk Is Worse Than Jeff Bezos

While the world tries to take down Jeff Bezos for being incredibly rich and selfish, they need to shift their focus to Elon Musk.

Musk increased his wealth nearly as much as Bezos during this crisis. And he’s acted worse than his hairless counterpart.

Bezos catches incredible flack for his strict working conditions, but at least he invested billions in protecting his workforce. He upped their pay as well.

Elon Musk was doing everything he could to force his workers back on the line during the height of the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump said it first. Elon joined the chorus. | Source: Twitter

He risked hundreds of lives by opening his Shanghai Gigafactory in February.

Why? Because being an average billionaire wasn’t enough. Musk wanted his massive payday, and he was willing to risk lives to get it.

Oh, and Elon Musk is also bald. Jeff Bezos just has the courage to let his scalp shine.

Elon has magically grown more hair as he’s aged. | Source: Twitter

Elon Musk Thinks He’s Cool…

It’s becoming exhausting watching Elon Musk try to look cool.

He selfishly ruined his son’s name, and likely his reputation, by naming him a riddle. But again, Musk doesn’t seem to care about other people.

He tried to declare how brave he was, once more, when he announced he’d be selling his possessions. How courageous, Elon.

You have $70 billion, but you’re willing to sell your houses before the market crashes? Bravo.

What a stand-up guy. | Source: Twitter

The only hero in this scenario is his girlfriend Grimes for keeping him around. But even she’s losing patience with her transphobic husband.

Musk Is Helping Trump Get Re-elected

Follow the logic. Elon Musk backs Kanye West for president. Kanye West reveals he was trying to steal votes from Joe Biden to help Donald Trump. Elon Musk is helping Trump get re-elected.

“When you go to your boy’s house, and you both need the same therapist.” | Source: Twitter

Maybe Musk didn’t knowingly back Trump. But this is another side effect of someone who’s trying to look cool without thinking about his actions.

Good thing we have adult billionaires in the room like Mark Cuban. Check out Cuban’s accurate diss to Elon Musk:

Anything that negatively impacts Tesla, Elon hates, period, end of the story. I don’t think he has other people’s interests at heart. I mean, I don’t really know him at all, but that’s just my take.

That’s our take, as well, Mark.

Let’s throw in the fact that Musk was seen chopping it up with known child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

One for the ‘Gram. | Source: Twitter

Rumors have swirled that Musk’s ex-wife, Tallulah Riley, was handpicked by Maxwell to be his child-bride.

Whether or not those rumors are correct, we have ample evidence that Elon Musk is not the idol he wants us to see.

He’s not even cool.

Put that on your Wikipedia page.

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Last modified: September 23, 2020 2:24 PM

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