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Is Ellie-Jean Coffey’s New Gig Any Less ‘Toxic’ Than Surfing?

Published September 28, 2020 8:43 PM
Aaron Weaver
Published September 28, 2020 8:43 PM
  • Ellie-Jean Coffey just revealed that the surfing world is toxic, misogynistic, and abusive.
  • Since departing that space, Coffey has entered the world of adult entertainment.
  • Is she setting her own trap, or, as she claims, liberating herself?

Surfers are not as ‘chill’ as we thought. At least not according to Ellie-Jean Coffey.

Coffey just gave a bombshell interview that outed the surf industry as extremely problematic and ‘terrifying.’ Her response? Enter the world of porn.

While, on the surface, it might appear as though Coffey aborted ship to land on another sinking ship, she may have a point. But that doesn’t mean she’s right.

Ellie Jean Coffey
Ellie-Jean Coffey outs the surfing world. | Source: Twitter 

Ellie-Jean Coffey Drops a Bevy of Bombs

In a recent interview with news.com.au, Ellie-Jean Coffey describes the surf industry as so toxic and abusive that it nearly drove her to suicide:

As much as I loved surfing, I just completely broke down. I couldn’t continue with all the abuse; it almost drove me to suicide, and I was lucky to go get that therapy and recover from it. And I know a lot of girls in the industry who have a very similar story.

She continues:

The abuse, both mentally and physically, I endured during my teenage years far away from home with adults in positions of power has haunted me my whole life. It was a pretty horrible time in my life.

By 10-years-old, Coffey was entering surf competitions, and by 14, she was well-sponsored. And though she continues surfing to this day, she’s no longer competing. She explains her shift away from the ‘male-dominated industry’:

I really don’t feel that anyone’s come forward and really highlighted the things about the surfing industry. It goes back decades, this misogyny and male-dominated industry — it’s really toxic. The managers and the people in positions of power really abuse that to, not just me, but a lot of girls.

Coffey has since transitioned into an entirely different industry, but is it any better?

Is Coffey’s New Gig Any Less Toxic?

Coffey is taking her power back in a strange way.

She’s started a subscription-based adult website where she posts naughty photos and videos of herself for a fee. Her decision was not without criticism,  but Coffey claims she “couldn’t be happier” with her choice.

It does raise the question, is Coffey just playing into the misogyny and toxicity that she was trying to flee?

Surely, most of her subscribers are men that will come to view her as not much more than an object. Unless you really believe that her ‘fans’ are just supporting her in a fun, new way, and vice versa.

Ellie Jean Coffey
Coffey is fishing for new subscribers. | Source: Instagram 

Ellie Jean-Coffee describes her new venture in glowing terms  that conjure up visions of group therapy:

It makes me happy interacting with my followers on a daily basis, and building up these relationships. I’ve learnt so much about my fans, and helped thousands increase their confidence and feel more positive about themselves.

I had no idea porn could be so healing!

But whether or not you share Coffey’s rose-colored glasses, you can’t knock her hustle.

Since the rise of OnlyFans, creators have taken their power back. They can do the adult industry their own way.

According to Coffey, the payoff has been substantial:

While I’m not going to share how much money I have been making, I will say it’s by far the most successful opportunity I have taken.

Is This Another Incarnation of the Kardashians?

Coffey and her siblings are already being described as the Australian Kardashians. And Ellie-Jean Coffey would take Kim’s place as the leader who shot to a new level of fame through sex.

But the Coffeys have one thing the Kardashians don’t—talent.

Ellie-Jean Coffey
Keeping Up With the Coffeys. | Source: Instagram 

But if she wants to separate herself from the Kardashians, she could acknowledge reality and stop trying to convince us that porn is a haven. For many people, it’s just an unhealthy way to avoid their emotions.  It’s known to create negative body images in young women.  Porn addiction is an ever-growing problem, and people like Ellie-Jean Coffey are profiting off of it.

She was treated terribly because of her sexuality, and she has every right to use it for herself.

But can we please stop pretending that it’s helping the world?

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