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Ellen DeGeneres Is Getting So Desperate She’ll Listen to Alec Baldwin

Published September 24, 2020 5:14 PM
Rose Burke
Published September 24, 2020 5:14 PM
  • Ellen DeGeneres had Alec Baldwin on her show on Wednesday, and he offered her some unsolicited advice on handling the backlash from her toxic work environment scandal.
  • Baldwin is hardly someone to offer advice on how to win over the public, as he hasn’t handled his own discrepancies well in the past.
  • Whether DeGeneres follows his advice or not, it won’t save her reputation or her career.

No amount of advice will save Ellen DeGeneres’ career. Especially when that advice is coming from the often belligerent and known racist, Alec Baldwin.

Despite the host’s recent, pathetic apology, people aren’t quick to forget the accusations made by her staff. Perhaps that’s why she couldn’t get someone other than Baldwin to appear on her show.  

Baldwin Appeared On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’


While (virtually) appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday , Baldwin decided to share some advice with DeGeneres on getting through her current scandal. Despite his advice being unsolicited, the host seemed to appreciate what he had to say. Of all the guests she’s had on the show, Baldwin is certainly at the top of the list of those who’ve dealt with the most backlash from the public.

After a round of a matching game in which Baldwin failed to identify baby photos of his children, he offered DeGeneres this advice:

You just keep moving forward, because it’s not the same without you. You’re funny. We need you, we need you, we need you. Keep log rolling as best you can, OK?

“Logrolling” is a phrase the actor uses to describe how he feels when DeGeneres puts him and other guests on the spot. It may be what guests dislike most about appearing on the show, but it’s also what makes for good TV. Of all people, though, Baldwin should be the last to offer up advice on maintaining a career after a scandal.

Why Baldwin Shouldn’t Be Giving Out Advice

Alec Baldwin’s appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Wednesday. | Source: Instagram 

Baldwin’s sordid past includes accusations of racism , homophobia, and abuse. He has been arrested on several occasions , once for assault, despite being caught up in quite a few physical altercations. His belligerent Twitter rants give Donald Trump a run for his money, and his anger is off the charts.

And Baldwin is hardly the poster child for gracefully taking responsibility for his actions. He continually denies any allegations of wrongdoing and pushes the blame onto others, all while throwing in a few profanities for good measure. His career has undoubtedly suffered from these not-so-calculated moves, so it’s probably best that DeGeneres avoid following his lead.

DeGeneres Can’t Bounce Back From This

[wpdiscuz-feedback id=”g8qaofu2ql” question=”Was her apology pathetic? ” opened=”0″]After giving a joke-filled and rather pathetic apology on her show, DeGeneres failed to be welcomed back by her fans with open arms.[/wpdiscuz-feedback] Her few attempts to make things right with her employees have fallen short. Although the show’s ratings haven’t dropped , it’s only a matter of time before they do. The host’s haters are still tuning in just in case she mentions the scandal, but they’ll get bored soon enough.

Based on her demeanor, DeGeneres seems to know she has reached the end of her career. No longer her upbeat, bubbly self, her face is painted with exhaustion and defeat.

She can “keep moving forward” but with 18 seasons under her belt, it may be time to retire. Her “jump the shark” moment has long-since arrived.

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