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People Were ‘Running’ From Ellen DeGeneres Before Her COVID Diagnosis

Published January 13, 2021 9:51 PM
Aaron Weaver
Published January 13, 2021 9:51 PM
  • Upon her recent return to her talk show, Ellen DeGeneres detailed her COVID-19 experience.
  • She claimed that “everyone around me ran away.” But people have run from Ellen in the past, probably because she’s been nasty to them.
  • Internet personality Trisha Paytas recently revealed that she wasn’t allowed to touch Ellen, or even look her in the eye, during her appearance on the show in 2010.

Ellen DeGeneres is ahead of the curve. According to YouTube personality Trisha Paytas, Ellen has been social distancing from people—at least the ones beneath her—for at least a decade.

So when DeGeneres contracted the infectious virus COVID-19, it was probably just business as usual.

Ellen DeGeneres Details Her COVID-19 Experience

Ellen made her triumphant return to her show today after a month-long absence. On December 10th, the TV host informed her Twitter following that she tested positive for the virus.

Thankfully, she made it through the ordeal safely, claiming her main symptom was back pain.

Check out her full monologue below:

Ellen said that she learned of her diagnosis while she was preparing to film the show. She said that she got the news while she was in hair and makeup, and “everyone around me ran away.” She added, “it’s funny, people just really get scared, and they ran.”

That is funny.

It’s especially hilarious when you consider what one of her former guests said about her on a podcast just a few days before.

Trisha Paytas Doesn’t Hold Back

Trisha Paytas appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show back in 2010. She was part of an audience talent segment, in which she read from Ellen DeGeneres’ book, fast.

Yes, her talent was to read quickly.

Kudos to Ellen DeGeneres for feigning excitement. Check out the clip below:

Ellen’s reaction must have really been put on when you hear what her guests went through prior to filming. During an episode of the podcast H3, Paytas described her experience .

And she was disappointed.

Paytas bluntly called Ellen a “b*%h.”

She further describes her experience:

When all that stuff started coming out [about Ellen], I was like, that makes sense because she was so awful. Literally, would not talk. They tell you… ‘don’t look in her eyes, don’t touch her.’


Paytas isn’t the only guest who felt this way. YouTube star Nikki de Jager was also disappointed by her welcome to the show.

An Australian radio show host was also told that “you don’t talk to her, you don’t approach her, you don’t look at her ” when he shot a segment with her.

And let’s not even mention the countless other allegations of dismal behavior brought up against DeGeneres, including a toxic workplace for employees.

That’s why show employees and producers left her show en masse in 2020.

Ellen DeGeneres
But don’t orders usually come from the top? | Source: Twitter 

Will She Ever Learn?

Needless to say, the irony was thick during Ellen’s latest monologue. As she said that people ran away from her, it’s clear that people have wanted to run away from her for quite some time.

She claimed she quarantined, but that obviously isn’t the first time she’s tried to distance herself from people. Ellen has done everything but keep a clear wall of plastic between her and the peons she allows into her presence.

Of course, she’s more than happy to paste on a smile and rub shoulders with people who rank next to or above her in the Hollywood pecking order.

But anyone below her seems to be a burden.

It’s that stereotypical shallowness that so many Hollywood get caught up in. It wouldn’t be so bad if Ellen didn’t portray herself as such a joyous, innocent person. And we could even stomach that if she gave us a proper apology.

But we’re still waiting. Maybe that’s because a ‘proper apology’ includes looking us in the eye.

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