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The eCommerce market is growing at a staggering pace today! The residents of different countries are using the Internet more and more often, mobile traffic volume is increasing and the number and duration of the sessions held in the Net are growing. This trend in the eCommerce development forces an increasing number of even large manufacturers to switch to the online trading format.

If we look at the figures, according to “eMarketer”, the volume of the global eCommerce market amounted to $2.3 trillion in 2017, which is pretty impressive. At the same time, the share of the eCommerce segment (mobile eCommerce) was 58.9% of online sales or $1.4 trillion in the same year, which is 40.3% more than in the previous year. With such indicators, even the growth in the eCommerce market itself was significantly lower and reached only 24.8% in 2017. Such a trend is leading to more and more frequent orientation of various trading companies to mobile applications development in addition to websites adapted for mobile devices.

The EKSPA project creators, who have long turned their attention to this trend in the eCommerce market, which is at the large-scale expansion stage, decided to go further and not just to create a convenient mobile application for online trading, but also to solve other existing eCommerce-related problems. They decided to present their own multifunctional platform in the format of a centralized information multilingual web application called “EKSPA”, which will allow to directly connect suppliers and buyers (sellers of products). Thus, one of the main problems that this product is designed to solve is the problem of intermediation in the eCommerce market, which is considered to be one of the main disadvantages of all existing trading markets.

EKSPA web application and its benefits for users

Another trend in the eCommerce market is the large-scale popularization of marketplaces. It is noteworthy that the EKSPA project founders present their product not just as a web application or a trading platform, but as a marketplace of the future with a changed logic. EKSPA will allow suppliers and buyers to easily find each other around the world by using the platform. This web application will become a new more available sales channel for small and medium-sized businesses and will replace the chain of intermediaries. Besides, EKSPA will reduce the cost of creating and advertising own website for trading companies. EKSPA will also be an excellent source of target audience for advertisers and investors. This multilateral B2B platform will bring together buyers, suppliers and investors using the advantages of blockchain.

EKSPA web application features

EKSPA will differ from other existing marketplaces by its functionality. Thus, the unique features of the application will be the following: multisignature in transactions, contractors` “smart reputation “,” investments”,” green light ” for launching new businesses, accrual of tokens for viewing advertising, voting for the development of the new application functions, multi-language search, auctions, a neural network, virtual exhibition. The main tools of the platform will be: proposals, requests, advertising, analytics and reports, current events, cabinet of the investor. The application will consist of many modules, each of which will be responsible for its functionality.

It is worth noting that within the EKSPA web application two options of using the platform will be available for the users: free and premium. Their difference is that any person who has registered on the platform becomes a free user, but he receives a limited functionality. The premium category, which in turn is divided into “gold ” and “silver”, provides its owners with many interesting opportunities to the use of the application, which can be found in more detail in the project’s Whitepaper. Meanwhile, you will have to pay for the premium category and you can buy it in your personal account.

Current stage of EKSPA project development – start of the tokensale

An important feature of the EKSPA project is the availability of a working pre-alpha version of the application, which anyone can try by following the link on the project’s official website after passing the registration process. The test version will allow you to explore some of the application features and the personal account interface. However, in accordance with the project’s roadmap, the development of the application prototype is going on at the moment and will last in the foreseeable future in order to develop and supplement the planned functions.

The project’s token is called Eksperium. It is a Utility token that has a number of useful functions, which we will review below. At the moment, from July 18 to July 31, the project is holding a preliminary stage of token sale, within which the price of the Eksperium is the most attractive and amounts to $0.20 per one token. 4 500 000 tokens out of 50 000 000 issued tokens are presented for sale in the pre-ICO stage. The presale is also characterized by the presence of bonus tokens, which are credited on a certain amount of purchase. The main stage of the tokensale will last until August 31, as a result of which the project founders guarantee that if SoftCap is not reached, all the invested funds will be returned to the tokensale participants and the creators will get engaged in further product development on their own.

The use of the EKSPA token

One of the fundamental details of any ICO project is its token, as well as the opportunities laid in it, which will allow its owners not only to receive speculative income from its sale in the future, but also to have alternative options for its use. In this respect the EKSPA project founders came up with all responsibility to the issued token. Thus, the Eksperium token holders will be able to use it to pay for advertising impressions within the application, hold an auction within the platform, organize a virtual exhibition to attract visitors, obtain additional, dedicated storage space for their offers, provide additional verifications and the ability to get investment from a partner as well as organize news releases for the interest industry. More information about the project and its token, as well as the pre-ICO details can be found on the project’s official website.

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