eHealth First: The World’s First Personalized and Decentralized Medical Platform

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Over the last twenty or so years, it seems that just about every industry has digitized – commerce, transportation, travel, and even banking. For just about everything, there’s “an app for that.” But for medicine? Not so much…

Attempts have been made, of course. WebMD has an interesting application, where you can enter in your symptoms to get an estimation of your condition. The problem is, however, that the app takes a semantic approach to diagnostics. You are asked overly generalized, word-based, questions, and you are left with an impersonal, and largely inaccurate diagnosis.

That being said, there have been certain successes in the digitization of medical data. Already, a decade ago, it became common practice in many countries for doctors and other healthcare professionals to keep computerized patient records. Now, when you go for your regular checkups, your physician has only to enter your name into his or her patient database to know your entire medical history.

The next step for these records, of course, will be the blockchain. Soon, it will be common practice for your medical data to be stored and secured on a distributed ledger. As a result, it will become possible for you, or qualified and trustworthy medical personnel, to access your entire medical history with your personal key, no matter where in the world you might be located.

eHealth First – The Future of Health Management

Earlier this year, a group of healthcare professionals and AI experts asked themselves a fascinating question: Why not take medical data, which we know can be easily gathered and secured on a distributed ledger, and process it using AI and machine learning algorithms?

They realized, through the effective use of AI, a mass quantity of up-to-date data from biomedical research can be summarized and personalized in an efficient and time-effective manner. In essence, commonalities can be found between the medical data of the individual and the research in order to establish personalized diagnoses and medical recommendations.

Now, this group of visionaries has come together as a new company called eHealth First.

The eHealth First team are now ready to put theory into action. They are developing an IT-platform for personalized health and longevity management, based on the blockchain, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning.

The team wishes to fund their work in a decentralized manner. It is for this reason that they will be selling utility tokens during a token sale.

Today, they are ready to announce that the private placement stage of the ICO has begun!

What is eHealth first?

еHealth First is a groundbreaking health management platform built using the most cutting-edge of blockchain technologies and AI algorithms.

The eHealth First project, the joint collaboration of top medical and IT professionals, is to develop an ecosystem which consists of two software products – one meant for the general public, and the other to be utilized by healthcare professionals.

Application #1: A way for you to get a personalized diagnosis and recommendations from the comfort of your home

The first application is a user-friendly and personalized mobile application and web portal meant to be used by the general public. When the user initially registers, they will undergo preliminary diagnostic screening by answering a number of questions, carefully chosen based on the principles of evidence based medicine.

The application will be able to indicate and track the basic indicators of health, such as biological age, frailty index, and assessment of various body systems. The user will receive a list of recommendations from the system — as well as offers for additional diagnostics, laboratory tests, and medical consultations — based on the screening.

The main business side of the app (for which tokens will be exchanged) will be the advanced diagnostics, lifestyle and therapeutic modules, available to people with certain health conditions and diseases.

Application #2: A research platform for top physicians

The second application is an open IT platform, built for health professionals. At its core, the platform is a database — a “knowledgebase” — and analytical system for biomedicine and related specialties. The database will be constantly updated semi-automatically with knowledge regarding pathological aging processes and bio-medical anti-aging interventions. The source of this information will include the Pubmed/MEDLINE system.

The open IT platform will be presented in the form of a scalable information system, providing tools for searching and analyzing the most relevant scientific information on any biomedical issue in the field of longevity. Among the tools that the platform utilises to improve this analysis are natural language processing and neural networks.

Third-party software developers will be able to develop, publish and sell their own modules via the eHealth First ecosystem, but in the end eHealth First is more than just a business – it’s a way to improve the way people get essential healthcare services all around the world.

In the words of Nickolay Kryuchkov, eHealth First’s CEO, “We can keep saying we need more doctors, more nurses, and more hospitals – but that’s not going to get us anywhere.  We can’t solve all the issues in health care without a revolutionary approach. We believe the blockchain and AI, if used properly, can be that revolutionary approach.”  

The private placement stage of the eHealth First ICO has just begun! Now is your chance to get in early.

EHF Private Placement

December 1, 2017 – February 17, 2018

1,000,000 tokens for sale

10 ETH or 0.5 BTC Minimum (50-70% Bonus)

Flexible conditions for Investors

Tokens may be purchased using ETH, BTC, USD or EUR

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