January 15, 2014 8:36 PM

Edison's Revenge: Extremely Conservative and American, but Positive, View On Bitcoin

Dearest readers, I apologize for my brief hiatus… I was
Today I bring you a video that you might not have seen before; however, it’s likely more possible your parents or your grandparents might have…
The following video must be viewed only after taking a pinch of salt, a lime wedge, and some good ol’ Tequila straight to the face.  Advice given by Money Morning must be taken with several grains of salt.  They market themselves as carrying “Only the news you can profit from” and are currently featuring Bitcoin content at the top of their homepage.  While the presented setup sounds like an infomercial and may immediately turn many people off to “Edison’s Revenge”; there are equally many niche groups that are viewing this video and taking it at face value.
Publisher Mike Ward,  the man interviewing Michael Robinson and presenting the introduction to the movie, prides himself on presenting global trends in investment to his viewers so that they might profit.  All in all, his track record has been very good and he undoubtedly has a strong and loyal following.
Obviously, there are many mistakes and incorrect assumptions and generalizations about Bitcoin.  Many concepts that would be utterly foreign to an audience comprised of AARP members are glossed over.  Notably, they refer to the Bitcoin network being as powerful as the top 500 super computers in the world.  As many, many Bitcoiners will inform you that is simply not true.  As for a connection between Thomas Edison and Bitcoin…  It is suffice to say that conceptual planning for a “perfect” money has been on the mind of power-minded individuals for thousands of years.  It was not until the advent of computers that the Byzantine General’s Problem could be avoided with mathematically assured certainty.
Enough from me, you must hear these men talk about Bitcoin; or as Mike Ward likes to call it: Edison’s Renegade Currency.
At least stay for the first ten minutes!