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Economy Got You Down? There’s a Ton of Free Games to Play This Weekend

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
  • There’s no shortage of free games to play this weekend.
  • Epic Games and Steam are offering games to keep forever, alongside trial periods of popular games like Cities: Skylines and Sandstorm: Insurgency.
  • Ubisoft is also running a multi-platform Ghost Recon Breakpoint free weekend.

Whether you’re on the look-out for your next go-to or need a change of pace, there’s a ridiculous number of free games available this weekend.

Digital Storefront Free Games

First up, there the Epic Games Store’s trusty batch of weekly free games . This week, you can pick up World War Z alongside Figment, and Tormentor x Punisher.

Source: Saber Interactive/Mad Dog Games

Borrowing Epic’s approach, Steam also has a bunch of free to keep games this weekend . Like Epic, you simply need to claim the games, and they’re yours forever. There’s Goat of Duty, 100% Orange juice, 200% Mixed Juice, Acceleration of Suguri 2, Nephise Begins, Simply Store – Alex, Between Two Castles, Project Mercury, and Drawful.

Alongside, Steam is running limited free-to-play periods for some popular titles. You can test the waters with Cities: Skylines , Kerbal Space Program , and Insurgency: Sandstorm  before committing to a purchase.

Source: New World Interactive/Focus Home Interactive

Each period ends at a different time over the next few days with Cities: Skylines shutting the doors first from Sunday at 1 pm PT. Steam is heavily discounting all three games if you decide to take the plunge and spend your cash at the end of the trial period.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Free Weekend

Ubisoft is also running a free weekend for Ghost Recon Breakpoint on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC . The tactical shooter didn’t have the best of starts, but a recent update promises a much-needed facelift. This trial gives us the chance to test the waters and see what’s what with the new Immersive Mode.

Do note that the console version is only accessible to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The PC version is open to all via Ubisoft’s Uplay or the Epic Games Store. Much like the titles above, storefronts have sliced nearly 70% off the full list price.

Don’t Forget About Free-to-Play

And, of course, there’s the litany of free-to-play titles.

If you’ve yet to try out Call of Duty: Warzone, then now’s a good time to jump in before the shooter community jumps to the next in-style title – likely Valorant. The download is a hefty 101 GB, though, so bear that in mind.

Even if the economy isn’t looking so great, these games can still provide you with a great time.