In the past year alone, Bitcoin has attracted so many new people and so many new ideas. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch the cryptocommunity develop and as a journalist, it gets more exciting every day. Within the community is Bill Still, a Greenbacker economic commentator and documentarian who has been talking about monetary policy for years. He’s been a huge part of films such as Money Masters (1996) and The Secret of Oz (2009) which won Best Documentary at the Beloit International Film Festival.

Bill pic from SR 276 copyBill Still is working on a new documentary, this time, about cryptocurrencies. The film, named ‘Bitcoin’s Not Dead,’ has an indiegogo campaign launched and a lot of Still’s following is supporting the film. So I decided to get in contact with Mr. Still.

It turns out, Bill Still was actually a Bitcoin basher back a few years ago.

‘I was a Bitcoin basher. I had done a YouTube previously categorizing BTC owners as survivalists — taking their canned food and guns and Bitcoins and waiting for armageddon, etc. What had escaped me was that cryptos are merely just another form of complimentary currency.’

This makes sense considering his Greenbacker philosophy explained more thoroughly here. He was introduced more successfully to cryptocurrencies by the Quark Foundation.

But why would a Greenbacker support cryptocurrencies? After all, they are not fiat currencies controlled by the government, nor can they be inflated by the whims of the governing bodies.  Well, Mr. Still explained that cryptocurrencies are ‘complimentary currencies,’ meaning that that they are made by grassroots individuals meant to compete with the establishment.

‘My axiom is: “It’s not what backs the money; all that matters is WHO controls the quantity.”  I am a monetary reformer — a green-backer. I believe that money must serve the public interest. And when it does not, eventually the public revolts in one way or another. […] [Cryptocurrencies are a] perfectly legit complimentary currency answering humanity’s most basic need — money.’

And yet, I have my reservations with Greenbacker ideas. If you end up watching Still’s film ‘The Secret of Oz,” take it with a grain of salt. The film has huge support for inflationary policies and makes some rather huge claims about monetary policy that I especially do not agree with. However, Bitcoin is already politicized within and without the community and what we can do to garner support for competition with fiat around the world, we should deal with honestly.

‘Bitcoin’s Not Dead’ plans to be released on December 1 of this year. Mr. Still would like to stress that the film will cover issues related to economic reform:

“We’ll examine what’s driving the crypto revolution; why it just refuses to die; ask the experts where it will be in 5 – 10 – even 20 years; and most importantly how to get people started.”

Helping Mr. Still has been a vibrant Quark community. They reached out to Still and he has been a Quark stakeholder and supporter dating back to the Fall. On his YouTube channel, he talks about cryptocurrencies from time to time and wants to promote the idea of revolutionary currencies in reforming our economic system.
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