EasyMINE: Software Altcoin Mining for Everyone


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Can mining cryptocurrencies be made as simple as operating a TV or a cell phone? A team of blockchain enthusiasts from Poland believe so—and are determined to prove it with easyMINE, an advanced yet user-friendly altcoin mining platform.

Designed with both beginners and experienced miners in mind, easyMINE is a product of its creators’ strong belief that cryptocoin mining does not need to—and in fact should not—be an arcane craft accessible only to the select few. The comprehensive, all-in-one package provides all the software components needed to build and operate a small- to medium-sized mine. Its real strength, however, lies in ensuring that every step of the process—from initial setup, through routine management, optimization, and maintenance, to troubleshooting and emergency procedures—is not only streamlined, but also highly automated. The result is a mining platform robust and flexible enough to satisfy the needs of the adept, and accessible even to complete beginners.

“The idea grew out of our own frustrations of running an altcoin mine,” explains easyMINE’s co-founder and CEO Łukasz Żeligowski. “So much of it is just repetitive technical minutiae. The setup for every new rig. The trial and error for each new combination of hardware and firmware. The performance-tracking and record-keeping. After a while, we started asking ourselves, ‘Isn’t there a way to automate all this?’” The team evaluated several available options, but found them lacking. Unfazed, they set out to develop their own solution. The product of their labors is a system built specifically to keep the mining equipment operating at peak efficiency and profitability while requiring no—or minimum—human oversight. “EasyMINE will keep everything up and running, fix any problems it can, and alert you to the ones it can’t,” says co-founder and CFO Andrzej Belczak. “It’s like having full-time mine supervisor on your payroll.”

The complete easyMINE suite—the Linux-based eMOS operating system, mining software, and a custom remote configuration and management dashboard—will be distributed as a downloadable package, ready for immediate use. In the autonomous mode, it will require no additional setup. The system will automatically configure the hardware and software, monitor the equipment, and optimize performance by dynamically adjusting the settings: from voltage and clock timings to currency and mine pool selection. In the manual mode, easyMINE will provide a wide range of configuration and management tools, including on-the-fly BIOS flashing, performance history and analysis, energy use metrics, and report generation—to mention just a few.

Currently in the alpha stage, the eMOS operating system and the eM dashboard will enter beta testing in the fourth quarter of 2017. Full release is scheduled for 2018. To fund the project, the team will hold a 30-day ICO sale, starting on August 10.

For more information, visit the project website at: https://easymine.io

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